The Yan’s grandmother is gently stroked with his white face.,I can’t like it.。

Looking at Ning Feifei,“Fifi,You go in and rest。”
“OK,grandmother,I have already called Wang Hao and her daughter.,Wang Hao, her daughter is the month.,Wang Wei also cares。”
“Good,As long as you have a trustworthy,Now Little Nino is still in the hospital,After Sinono came back,Just need people,Blue blue can’t be here for a long time。”
She comes here to accompany Fifi for so long.,She is very grateful.。
Let’s keep her husband to call every day.。
Blue Xin shakes his head:“fine,Milmented grandmother,I just put a false yourself.。”
European looked at her,Thinking of Lu Hao Cheng’s peer,Can’t help but open:“Blue,If you stay here for a month,Lu Haoge will definitely come to me.。”
Blue Xin laughs,Not talking,She has been here for five days.,Lu Hao Cheng did call her back every day.。
She doesn’t want to go back.,The scenery here is very good,The seaside star is very bright,Let her have found a lot of inspiration here。
”Wang Hao came in with her daughter.,If you look at the address to find,I see Ning Feifei again at the door.,She really can’t believe,Ning Feifei really lives in the villa。
Where is she, so much money to buy such a big house?。
“Wang Hao,Wang Jie,You are coming。”
Ning Feifei looked back at their mother and female。
Wang Hao got the volume of everything in the villa.,How many days,This villa is valuable,She can’t afford to buy in my life. This house is?
“Fifi,How do you live in such a good house??”
Wang Hao is very curious。
Ning Feifei laughs:“Wang Hao,This is a family。”
Ou Jing is faintly glanced at her:“It is also your home。”
Ning Feifei:“”I actually want to ignore you.。
“you see me,Think about it??
Are you a husband and wife??
I am really stupid asking this.。”
Wang Wei smiled and laughed.,See some cautious。
Mother and daughter and severe grandmother,Blue Xin greeted,I started doing things。
NS1689chapter:Where are you confident?
The mother and daughter are both honest people.,Do things is also practical,Ning Feifei has been very relieved.。
Ou Jing, holding Ning Feifei to the main lying on the second floor.,Looking at the side is a baby room,One side is a two-meter-wide big bed,She is surprised to watch the European:“Aura,When are you furnished??”
European looked at her:“First come to bed to rest。”

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