Martia·Ipez is wearing black swimsuit,One slip runs in the house,Chen Linzhi returned to the attic,Sitting on the small sofa。

at the same time。
Martia in a hurry·Ipez,It’s too dark.,It’s rare to be so confused in life.,See the young gardener in the window,Full face is depressed and awkward,She can’t wait to have a pillow.,So no neighbors next door。
Have a child,Matia·Ipez found that the young gardener is still,Gas call open the window,I am interrupted before talking to the other party.:“Hurry!Our matter may be discovered,The farther, the better,You will be killed by my husband!”
Gardener listened to this,I didn’t say it twice.。
He is just a illegal immigration stranded in the United States.,After the tourist visa has expired, he has not renewed,How can a woman go in a future?。
Matia·Ipez saw him so unbearable,It’s even gas.,Turn your window,Hold your hands and sit on the sofa.。
At this moment, the only problem of her headache is,After Chen Linzhi, I still saw it or didn’t see it.,I don’t think so far.,Maybe the gardens will be mistaken for their husband,But I can’t help but worry that。
Whenever you want to be at all old men who haven’t loved at all,I found my own legs,Matia·Ipez is a big one,Injury。
I want to go,She thinks that it is so waiting to die.,Sorctivity,Peeking Chen Linzhi is still in the loft,But I didn’t see people.。
Matia·Ipez understands,In case, Chen Linzhi saw it.,Be sure to go home before your husband,Have this thing as soon as possible。
She can sign a thick and a pre-marriage agreement.,If it is defined,Even if the divorce is also can’t get half a cow。
Light is thinking of yourself in this relationship,Have you been wronged and ridiculous,Matia·Ipes feels sad for themselves。
She is undoubtedly a matter of a matter,In addition to beautiful,No advantage that you can get,Otherwise, you will not marry an older man.。
At this time, the brain is suffering from being lost.,I have already forgotten gardeners who bring her countless joy.,It is possible to divorce this thing is stimulating to crazy。
Matia·Ipez decided to find Chen Linzhi talking。
before that,She first took the bath and shouted clothes.,Think about doing a full 12 points,Strive to make the neighbor of neighbors。
Twentie years old age,Hold in the Pacific Ocean Mansion,Whenever goes to a group of women cold eye,This seems to Martia·Ipez is not easy。
In order to hold it, it is not easy to live.,She is ready to take the initiative to visit Chen Linzhi。
Chen Linzhi home。
Zhou Baomu female buy vegetables back,Start cooking big meal,The ingredients have been ready,There is a Boston lobster,There is also good cowennosis。
Open kitchen is beautiful,The disadvantage is that the cooking Chinese food is too large.,Chen Linzhi came to the second floor to heard the taste,Call the housekeeping company,Please help find home hardware stores,Partitioning kitchen and restaurant。
Make bad stimuli neighbors,Chen Linzhi is the same as it is missing person.,Can you guess each other is nervous,I thought that the gardener has a good blessing.,正 想 想 联。
A few minutes later,Received the Song Yuexian phone again,She asked:“I saw the house number you said.,How is a special villa?,Don’t I remember the wrong place??”
“Then you should find it right.,Hold on,I will help you open the door.。”
Chen Linzhi moved to the new home,Forgot to invite Song Yueji,The news that the house is also not told the other party.。
After meeting last time,Thoroughly connected。
An Natasia has made Chen Linzhi not pay,I dare to discuss,I am going to love。
Help her open through the yard personally,Chen Linzhi hippie smiley:“Can’t guess it.,I really mixed.,New house you bought,How long will it be moved from your home?。”
“You go to grab the bank.?”
Song Yuezi saw a large yard,The next consciousness thought that Chen Linzhi was operating in violation of law.,Otherwise how can it be so fast?,Scared her。
Chen Linzhi told to say:“Grab the bank, no, I have earned it fast.,A few money on a bank counter,Dinner is ready for dinner,I haven’t seen it for so long.,You seem to have thinned”
NS189chapter Ruined
Both people know early,The relationship is always different。
Chen Linzhi took the Song Yuejip to visit a circle,Tell her that I have recently operated?。
I heard that the money is tens of millions.,Song Yuexing see Chen Linzhi’s eyes weird,She is born in ordinary family,I know some people make money.,But I didn’t expect Chen Linzhi, I can have this brain.。
Impression on him,Still staying at the beginning of the year,When you can’t get a few dollars?,This has not been seen for a long time.,It is inevitable that Chen Linzhi is engaged in the business of illegal crimes.,So it’s money.。

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