Chu Deiren saw the end of the world,More and more weird——What is the ghost??This kind of dog bites,Push behind、Look at the lively, you can’t get it.?

Why is it special to send people??
If you don’t want to worship、Or how to do the little emperor?
Although the end of the day is“As we all know”,Come on your official identity at any time,but……Folding a dried meon without reason,Doesn’t he be distressed??
When the four people enter the lattice,I found that a group is already discussing?,See these four digits,Many people expose surprised look。
“Joe……Heroes are really coming.?I hope that we can work together this time.!”
“Murong,meet again。”
“Amitabha,Chu Shi Lord has been long for a long time,Emei is not thankful。”
“This dear brother is……”
Qiao Feng and Murongjiu,There are also walking in the north,Face“friend”a lot of,It is not surprising that it is recognized.。
And Chu Deirers compared to,Few walking in the Qing court,At this time wearing a robe、唢唢 also received,People who have never seen him really can’t recognize。
But the master present at this time,Numerous quantity、Quality is very high,So the Chu Deirers have realized a few people.,They also recognized Chu Deirers!
As for Duan Yu……Tour the mountains for the main day,There is nothing famous on the rivers and lakes.。
“I can’t think of Chu Daxia to help!,Indeed‘Brave,Ridge spine’!”Duan Tianya, I don’t know if it is ironic.,Say hello to the Chu Deirers,Also reminded other people his identity。
As for Duan Yu……
Duan Tianya can now recognize this Damani,But I don’t want to call it directly.。
Although Dali and the Qing court are not,Don’t be taboo according to it,Even Dali’s defense is not this.,But the end of Dali is the allies of the Song Guo,Duan Yu does not introduce yourself,Duan Tianya will not be more。
“Chu Tai?Long-lasting,In Liu Range,Is there a lot of true Taoism here?。”A long trip,At this time, I also greeted the Chu Deirers.。
“It turned out to be a person‘Soft cloud sword’Liu Taxi,The following is also a long-term。”Chu Deirers also returned。
Liu Ranfeng,South 4th,That is“Cold moon sword”Water worship three brothers,Person“Soft cloud sword”,Both people are also from Wudang,Liu Ranfeng although because of the art of art,Not entering Wu Dang,But not a popular disciple,The sword is more than the water.。
Obviously representing Wu Dang,This is this Liu Daxia,Mo Sheng Valley and Yin Shing are not here。
Similar South Shaolin,Not a mysterious monk,Instead, three of the priests of foreign enthusiasm——But it is also a bald head,I don’t know if it is still a long time.。
In addition to Wudang and South Shaolin,There are also several other masters.,Either the door is not in the Qing court、Either Martial Artists、Either it is ready to fight a truth of the truth.……
Chapter 448 I will host justice.
Chu Deer in this small inn,In addition to Duan Tianya,I also saw a few acquaintances.,Other else、At least too familiar……
Such as the hill mountain of the Wutai Mountain Qingliang Temple,Actually personally come——Combined in the original,Shunzhi out the plot of hidden in the Qingliang Temple,Chu Dee people happen,This gods are secretly in the dark.!
For example, iron palms help thousands……Big disciple——Although I didn’t come upon,But I also came to a disciple who has been visible.,Before combined with Yunzhuang,裘 千 丈 的 环 计,Chu Deirers see them also feel another purpose……
For example, Iron Sword、Wu Sangui’s prominent jade——This shameless person,When I saw the Chu Deiren,Glitch,Been by the Chu Deirers。
For example, Wu Wu is two——Side, only, I feel that I am worthy of famous.,As、Greatness,But the Chu Deirers think,The old ladies in the original are loyal to the sea,Darkly, it is a born!This will not……
Chu Deirers also think,Come to this person,Either it is very pure,The relationship of the Qing court is not large,Just to kill the worship,Either the Shenshan, this suspected station, the emperor,Either it is iron palm、Audiotram。
There is no anti-clear camp on the way,Otherwise, the emperor also believes.。
certainly,Also, there are still someone who name is not afraid of death.!
On the road,Chu Deirens listened to Little Guizi,Before the little emperor recruited a few exclusive man,Teach with Sumsha’s heart,Want to take advantage of the autumn hunt,Folk killing。
The result is naturally a failure.,Otherwise, there will be no current things.……
In addition to Qiao Feng、Chu Deman、Murongjiu and Duan Yu four people,Only seventeen people——The weakest can also make a few tricks with Yue。
But the strongest,That is the hill、Liu Ranfeng、Jade、Duan Tianya,There is also a five people who don’t know Shaolin Tire.。
If you really have to come、And Qiao Feng did not come.,Taking into account the seventeen households from each household,There is no chapter in the world.、There are too many people.,Can you have alarmed the guard,Kill,It’s really unknown!
Even even if Qiao Feng、Chu Deman、Murongjiu,I don’t dare to say that I can become——After all, I will not only be able to open the same year.,And hard work is strong、It is not easy to kill in a short time。
Although it is not Qiaofeng now、Chu Deman、Murongjiu,No one of the opponent,But you have to kill in Manchu,Can you think about how long?、How long does it take?,Once the guard,Established……

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