Looking at Li Xian, holding his arms with Jin Mingwu,Li Hui Feng also can’t help but ridicule。

“think,I miss.,You don’t come to us anymore.,We can go find you.。”
Li Xian said with a smile。
“Isn’t this too busy??Fairy sister is complete?”
“Yes,Just waiting for your prescription and prescription drugs.,If you qualify for the second half of the year, we can produce.。”
“what?It takes so long.?”
How did Li speaks from the wind?。
“Yup,We have to do a big stronger,Not the kind of Jianghu Lang,Can sell plaster casually,Just hit the scorpion,The route goals we have to go are different.,So you will also verify the safety of your medicines in the previous period.。”
Li Xianer explained some of the truths with Li Xiangfeng.。
Li Hui also understands。
The only three people discuss some of the following routes。
At the same time, Li Hui also said that Han is in the matter of stock.。
I heard Han’s demand to join,Jin Mingwu frowned。
Li Xianer is also stunned.,I have no statement for a time.。
For two people’s reaction,Li Hui is a little unexpected。
“what happened?Han family is not good?”
“Not good,Just Han’s things are somewhat complicated,If he is owned,So many things, we have to mix and go in.。”
“The key is,Han’s medical medicine is now full of hard work with so many medicines.,I even doubt that some of the taste is also you give.。”
Two people’s analysis,Let Li speak in the wind.。
He didn’t think that Han is already like this.。
“Then I have to refuse?”
“What is it??You have the relationship between Han Shanshan where,We just want to be a shares in Han.,Can’t let him be idle,He is an old fox。”
Li Xianer heard Jin Mingwu,It is also understanding Jin Mingwu’s meaning.。
“Yup,However, the Korean thing I feel that Han should also want to use you.,Han is actually staring at it.。”
“And still people in the emperor。”
Li Hui’s first time, I thought of Chen Beiji.。
“Emperor Chen Jia?”
Chapter 1,589 Emperor Li Jia
“no,Li Jia。”
Jin Mingwu’s words made Li Hui Feng feel some unexpectedly。
Think of your father’s situation,He could not help but Li Jia, who was in the emperor.。
“Does the Emperor Li Jiamie have Li Jiaqiang??”
When I said this,Li Hui Feng is also looking to Li Xianer。
“This depends on how you understand.,I feel that it is better than the magic.,But there is no need to get rolling。”

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