“certainly,Will definitely pick you up,As long as you say,Don’t say it in China,It’s abroad, I will come over and pick you.。”

I heard Li Hui’s words,Yang Xiao Xiao is also full of moving。
“Lee brother,You close your eyes,I give you a gift.,When I let you open your eyes,Can you open your eyes??”
Li Huihe heard this,Noddion:“OK,Let me guess what gift you have prepared。”
Said that Li Hui is also closed.,Then wait quietly。
Yang Xiao smiled and looked at Li Hui, although ordinary but very looks,Directly kissed。
Li Hui Feng feels that warm and moist feelings,It’s also suddenly opened your eyes.。
Just when he wanted to push the other party,Yang Xiao laughed, but she looked hard.,Closed eye awkward hard kiss。
Guanyun in the distance seeing this scene is also installed.。
He feels that Li speaks with Yang Xiao Xiao Xiao.,I asked Li and Hui Hui many times.,Even I have already asked,But Li Hui is not recognized.。
Now this scene,He feels that Li holds no longer recognizing that it is really a fool.。
After two or three minutes,Yang Xiao smiled seriously with tears.。
“My first kiss gave Li Da Ge.,After Li Big, I will be my person.,I am also yours.,Remember to see me often,And I like Li Big Brother。”
Finish,Yang Xiao Xiao also cried while crying。
And Li Hui also felt some feeling that he couldn’t clearly.。
Directly waved with Guan Yun,Let the other person take care of Yang Xiao Xiao Xiao。
Guan Yun looked at Li Hui Hui left his handwritten Taijiquan,Laughing is also a waving to Li Hui Feng。
After the plane,Guan Yun took Yang Xiao Xiao。
“Let it go,He will come back again,And you can also go to him.,No need to be sad。”
“Um,I know,Guan Da Ge,Do you have a lot of women in a man in the United States??”
Yang Xia laughs, this question is an export,Guan Yun knows what is going on。
“There will be a lot of people with money.,But that is all private things,Domestic seems to have,After all, let’s legal.,how?
Li brothers have many girlfriends in China?”
“have no idea,It should be,He has died for a woman.,Later, for another female hunger strike seven days and seven nights almost dead.,Later, there was another woman to make him slow.,But I know,There are still many women like him.。”
This kind of thing,Guan Yun is not unexpected。
After all, Li Hui’s skill,financial resources,There is also that temperament is very attractive.。
At first, he made him with the wind and disdain.,But after a few days,He knows why Su Yan will pay with Li Hui。
Because Li Hui’s personal charm is too strong。
“hehe,Then you have to work hard.,Otherwise, it is competitive but so many women.。”
Chapter 563 Preparing to counterattack
Yang Xiao smiled and nodded.。
“Um,I will work hard。”
“hehe,That’s good,I will send you back to school.。”

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