Xia Jian said coldly:“They work so hard,You have to pay them on time,Why always default,If this continues,Don’t blame me for being polite“

“Yo ha!The toad yawned,Who are you you?I’m taking care of Lao Tzu’s business,I send my money whenever I want,Can you control you?“This guy has a proud look,Don’t even look at Xia Jian。
Fang Fang couldn’t help but step over,She said loudly:“How do you talk?Can you speak human words?“
“Hey!Ran out again,I can tell you,I, He Er, really don’t have anyone to be afraid of in Bucheon,From a big girl,Don’t mess with me here,Be careful you can’t go out“This guy said,Started gearing up。
At this moment,A middle-aged man with glasses came over,When he saw Dragon Ball,Shouted happily:“Chief Long,When did you come here?Is this Mr. Xia from your group?!“He Eryi listen,Silly face suddenly。
First0404chapter Work for the people
Dragon Ball said with an unhappy expression:“Manager Tong,Mr. Xia, come to check your work,I didn’t expect to meet this guy who didn’t know the height,Don’t rush me for the project payment next month”
Manager Tong,Ran to Xia Jian with an awkward look,Reach out and smile:“Sorry Mr. Xia,This is a contractor on our side,I don’t know the importance of speaking,I am here to give you a humility”
“It doesn’t matter if Dao Qian,I just want to ask,Migrant workers working here,Whether there is a payment in arrears?Please answer my question truthfully”Xia Jian said sullenly。
Tong Jing idealized and said:“Basically in place,I don’t know if these contractors deliberately defaulted?”Manager Tong is vague,Obviously they did not supervise these things at all。
“Chief Long!Call out which migrant workers”Xia Jian shouted loudly。
He Er, the contractor at this time,Like eggplant in a box,With a head drooping,Standing behind Manager Tong,I dare not look at Xia Jian and the others again。
Which migrant workers heard the group leader,One pass ten,Ten pass,Suddenly dozens of people came,They surround Xia Jian in the middle,It became a pot of porridge。
“Be quiet,I’m Xia Jian, the head of Venture Group,Say something one by one”Xia Jian shouted aloud,These people are very obedient,Suddenly fell silent。
Xia Jianchong is in his fifties,The middle-aged man with gray hair asked:“Uncle!Whose hand do you work for?Are wages in arrears”
“We all work under He Er,It’s been almost four months”Middle-aged man with a look of anger,His voice just fell,Who are behind him,They all yelled。
Xia Jianchao, Manager Tong, raised his hand and said:“Manager Tong,You must have heard what everyone said,Please give me a reasonable explanation。If our entrepreneurial group owes you money,I will solve it right away”
“No no!The group is based on our project progress every month,Will give us funds on time,It’s probably the problem of these contractors。Okay, Mr. Xia!I’ll investigate,Resolve the matter immediately”Manager Tong said,Secretly glanced at He Er。

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