In this way,The time of playing is longer。

As for the character under the god,Those lenses are more infinitely slow,They can see clearly,Playing more time。
This time the battle video is recorded by the whole process of the Bozi.,Taking teaching materials for the four universities,Also these videos also released to the International Times。
As long as you have an account, you can watch it.。
Supreme battle,A trick, a task,Secretary,It is enough to benefit these students for life,Great promotion of the development of the martial art。
These are not available in any era.,The Emperor of the Year,The demon waves and so on, although the world is in the world,But it is just some feelings.,Skill,There is no video。
So even if you have a river, you can see the video of these dreams.。
It is enough to benefit countless people。
Seven days later,Neminal Chargedown, a stone, Xia Linfeng, still sitting there.,Suddenly, there is a movement,It is Lin Yu,Lin Yu took a call to Lin Feng’s。
“Old man,your phone。”Lin Yu Road。
“Whoever came?”Lin Feng smiled and opened his eyes and got up.。
“The old man of the West。”Lin Yu laughs,According to generations,His really wants to call a chaotic。
“Jade?”Lin Feng heard the phone,The mobile phone came from the laughter:“Have a rest?Lin brother?”
“I am going to rest.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“it is good,I am right away from the Van Glamown.,Shangguan Yue,North Yinyang three people go to Bozi,Round with you,Go together to the origin of the temple。”Yeah chaos explained。
“Be in touch with me。”Lin Feng Road:“You come over now.,Today, I invite guests。”
“Please have a guest。”Yeah chaotic smile:“I am can’t wait to go to the origin of the temple.,What is the bottom of the god?,The secret of these old ancestors。”
“Yes,I also want to see。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I am waiting for you.!”Lin Feng hangs up the phone between talking,Hand your phone to Lin Yu。
“Old man,Are you ready to leave Bo Slit??”Lin Yu looked at Lin Feng Road。
“Old to go to the origin of the temple to see。”Lin Feng’s love looked at Lin Yu Road:“Small feather,Old people will not leave you,Of course, sometimes it is inevitable for a while,Old man wants home。”
“Old man,Busy you.,I am striving for the early Nirvana rebirth.,help you。”Lin Yu laughs。
“This is not necessary,Don’t be busy,Good experience。”Lin Feng’s heart smile:“You are born,Talented,Almost all in practice,Also give your own holiday properly。”
“knew,Old man。”Lin Yu laughs:“Old man,I go first,Tonight。”
Lin Yu turned around between talking。
“This mixed kid,grown up。”Lin Feng looked at Lin Yu’s back for a long time.,Then he strolled through the sky。
The distant sky has come to a few movements.,It is Brahma,Yeah,Shangguan Yue,North Yinyang。
“She has already went to the god.?”Shangguan Yue saw Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“went,She is not completely victorious。”Lin Feng face with a trace of injury:“But with the help of the smell,The owner of this scorker pot is an evil,Sanfeng ancestors suppressed under Kunlun Mountain。”
“what?This matter?”Bei Yanyang Wen Metallic Road,After all, the three Fengzu is a ancestor of Zhangjia.。
“Throwwork pot?Actually there is really existence。”Brahma Women’s Wenyor:“Specially refining the gods of magic,At this ancient and modern。”
“Natural existence。”Lin Feng Road,He doesn’t hide,Explain the cause of things in detail。
Yeah,Brahma,North Yinyang,Shangguan Shu Yue’s four people heard the silence。
“Amitabha,Oriental Lord is a big wisdom,Lin Xiong is rest assured,She must be successful。”Brahman’s Sight:“Entrance,Can abandon the magic lotus,With this point,She is a man。”
“Old three,Things have happened,With your personality, you will go to the gods anyway.。”North Yinyang lifts the head:“Brother,I have no constraints now.,Find your help you find Xue Yin。”

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