“rest assured,Although I broke the defense of Xuanwu,But there is no risk of life,This time you should really increase the power of nuclear bombs.。”Night Cooky。

Originally commercial200Tens of tons,However, this is to affect many areas of Bo Mi.,Even marginal city,This is no doubtful。
And the layout of the four-phase killing is not free to find a local arrangement.,Need a specific environment,So use the negotiation100Tens of tons。
“Do not worry,He was hit hard this time.,Master Lin Feng is coming back.,We don’t have to worry again.。”Tao Yinyao Wen Yan said soft voice。
Sichuan Luo Sakuo and Night Ten Ten have nodded。
“Three big ladies,People bring back one。”Just talking in three women,A sunny voice came outside。
Outside the door, Huangquan, Director, Mono, Silent,Jun speechless,Body is contaminated with blood,His hand is holding a person,This person is blood,It is Portuguese Jingjing。
NS1053chapter Successful
“Monarch,Thanks for your hard work。”Sichuan Luo Yakai Wen said softly。
“Thanks for your hard work,Elder。”Night Qing wants to stand up,But it is out of strength,It’s hard to stand up.。
“I am fine.,This is really dangerous.。”Jun has no words and laughs:“Unfortunately, I ran one person.。”
“It’s enough to arrest his artists.。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo is cold and looking at Portuguese Jingjing Road:“Go down,Waiting for Lin Feng back to fall!”
“it is good!”Jun is speechless,I immediately bid farewell to a few people.,Then turned and left Portuguese.。
“Cold,Evil,Need a blood treatment of phoenix??”After you have no words,Sichuan Luo Saku suddenly looked at the two women’s channels。
“no need,It’s okay.。”Evil laughs and smiles。
“good,We can take a rest.,It’s a sacrifice of a fear this time.,It is also a great injury,not good for health。”Night cold looks at the Sakayao Luo Ye Road:“The last time I was hurt in the matter of Lin Feng.。”
“Isn’t this nothing??”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed:“All right,Things finally,Can you raise your hand??A few columns?Just our four people?”
“Half an hour!”Night clear words。
“I am almost almost.,Half time is enough。”Evil laughs。
“Ok,I am going to burn.,Small sakura,Look at them。”Tang Yinyao watched three women’s way:“Besides,Small sakura,I must pay attention to the situation of Golden Dragon and Xuanwu.。”
“knew,Go back,This time is hard。”Sichuan Luo Yakai heard a smile and stopped the arm of Tang Yao Yao:“吆,Play again。”
Talking between Sichuan Luo Sakura can’t help it down and sit in bed。
“Be expected to be hungry,I have to cook.。”Tiyin Yao went to turn around and left,Whether it is her or the appetite of Sakura, Sakae, is particularly large.,And every day,Drinking,But even so,There is also a feeling of nutrition.。
Two women have to eat four or five meals a day。
“Uh-huh!”Sichuan Luo Yakai heard helpless licking,Beautiful Square is a mother’s color。
“Flutter,Someone lost it.。”Night cold, watching this scene, I can’t help but smile.,Her face is with a favorite color。
“Clear and cold,Wait for it,I will make you very big belly next year.。”Sichuan Luo Yakai Wen said。
“impossible,Need me to be willing。”Night cold laugh。
“All right,Send a message to the forest,Let him not rush back,The danger of the stars,If you accidentally break into the black hole,Or fall into huge planet,I am afraid it is hard to come out.。”At this time, the evilness suddenly smiled and reminded。
“Oops,You are also very concerned about him.。”Night cold smiles and fun。
“Nuts,I am good for you.。”Evil, morality。
“This time,You both together.,Many times is destined for fate。”Sichuan Luo Saku suddenly looked seriously。
“up to you,I feel that her woman is hard to walk into his heart.。”The evilness suddenly faintly。
“Will not,My brother-in-law,He is a lotus robe。”Sichuan Luo Yakai heard the words and laugh:“Kidding,Impressive thing,I think,Sometimes there is sex after sex!”

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