Thousands of blood god,Blood-colored liquid package casting flesh,A piece of floating blood shadow appears,Creating a million people。

Everyone’s blood,The fierce is even fog,Unique,The voice of the viral discourse:“see it,This is the power of the world,You are between heaven and earth,Also be part of me。”
Sensing songs from victory,Liao Wenjie is relieved,Sight sweeping over 10,000 people,Slightly shaking head:“Nice power,Sweeping this world without blocking,Self-contained in the world,But you know nothing about the real power.,Fight the frog in the bottom。”
“The poor pass has seen some existence,They have surpassed the world。”
Liao Wenjie is close,Open again,Double eyes black a white:“You are lucky,The power of the poor treasure spent a big price,Today, I will borrow you.,As for you can afford……Self-demand!”
Black and white two-color tour fish rotation,A vitality of the Yinyang Erqqi,Overhead,Zhenqi。
Monks from this battle,All are not boundless,Billion-mile high altitude yin clouds slowly converge,Heaven and earth feel,Thunder and baptism。
Just when everyone is talking about it.,Blood balls suddenly collapsed,Entrance to Yucai,Re-crouch to the depth of the earth。
Vast blood sea center,Pluck,Nothing is not sad,The holy law of the three eyes and six arms。
The situation is like a flash,Yin and Yang two gas disconity,Heaven and earth pressure disappears,Sunshine,地 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天 天。
“Respect,Just now?”
“Buddha’s demon,That person……I am afraid that it is not a domain。”
Respect for low breath,Close your eyes and spread the scroll:“The poor machine has been,This is also true,Remember to grasp,Don’t waste the chance of chance。”
Danchenzi and Xuan Tianzong four eyes,Some stupid eyes,if,They are saying that,If things are really like a victory,They missed the identity of the field outside the domain from the beginning.,So……
White eyebrow?
蚩 蚩 血。
White method is sitting,Hexapher,There is a round of golden light behind,Red and blue two-color mental life is endless,Mind the last plasma of the blood hole,Document as its own strength。
After a moment,French six arm forward,Take three red inflammation at your palm、Three blue light,Shengxian sword out,Bathing braised blue forged,A little faded。
Void,From time to time, there are Tianwei Treasures,Flush,Blu-ray purification,Integrate the evil sword to help break the grade。
Three days later。
French to keep the hexappose posture,Location of the evil sword,Subject to a red umbrella。
It,Elephant、Dawn、Fire bead、Glass jade and other pearl treasures;Inside,Draw the mustard of the mustard with nine-character true words,Another yin and yang two gas map。
Although the grade is far better than the winner,But use to take people、Defense is also enough。
“anyway,I am two magic weapons,It seems that it is exploding from the female ghost.,I remember her named Jiu Tail.……Um,It’s a good woman。”
Liao Wenjie closed the law,Hand holding red umbrella,Send a good person card with a late。Female ghost king, smile, still in front of him,Tulle,Gather,Is a war of evil worth a battle。
It is a pity to die.,Yanyan Chi Chi, was killed by cold blood.。
He puts a red umbrella,Count the remaining trophy on your hand,In addition to the mirror、Shengxian and other magic weapons,I don’t have anything else.。
Especially when refining,Finish bloodbook,Even God armed、Black Luosa’s crying rod is melted to do the angle。
【Row(getting Started)】
Another system settlement,Maybe there is a hell king in front,The rewards that the blood magic brushed it is not rich.,A martial arts,20,000 financial resources。

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