“Worked hard!Or I will invite everyone out to gather tonight?”Xia Jian said with a smile。

Guan Tingna shook her head and said:“If the revolution is not successful,Comrades still need to work hard。Get together tonight a bit early,After we win the bid,Let’s go out and get together again”
“also!Shall I ask you to go to my classmate’s place first to improve?”Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。After all, there are so many people in the office,If you let other people hear,Definitely not good。
Guan Tingna turned her head and glanced outside,Whispered:“You still have a conscience。I’m really busy during this time,The key is this group of people in Pingdu,All of them are hard to deal with”
“it is good!Then it’s settled,You go ahead!”Xia Jian raised his voice and said。
It’s time to get off work soon,Everyone left one by one,But Bai Li doesn’t know what he’s up to,Have been sitting without walking。
Xia Jian’s inspiration,Why not take Bai Li with me,This way to avoid some inconveniences when he is alone with Guan Tingna。
So he deliberately walked to the door of the office,Speak loudly:“Secretary Bai!Haven’t you finished??Soon, I will invite you and Vice President Guan to go out for a bowl of noodles?”
Bai Li is happy to hear it,She quickly stood up and said:“Finished soon,It’s too hard to get Mr. Xia to invite a guest。So I can’t let go of this opportunity”
Guan Tingna, who came out of the office, was a little bit unhappy on her face,But Xia Jian has already said this,She also said a lot。
At seven o’clock,The three people just left the office,I walked slowly to Cai Li Noodle Shop。Bai Li has never been here,So she didn’t know that this noodle restaurant was more famous。
“President Xia!You are too mean!Really only invite us to eat bowl of noodles?Then we have to go so far”Bai Li said with a smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Take a look at Guan Tingna,Then smiled and said:“You mean a bowl of noodles is not full,You can eat two bowls then!”
Xia Jianming knew that Bai Li didn’t mean that,But he said so deliberately,Bai Li was so angry that she cocked her mouth,This is the cuteness of women。
But when Xia Jian took Bai Li and Guan Tingna to the back courtyard,There was a smile on Bai Li’s face,She smiled and said:“It turns out there is a paradise here,No wonder you are coming here”
“Sit down quickly!President Xia is here for more than this,You’ll know in a while。so,some things,Really can’t look at the surface。When i first came,I started to scold him as soon as I walked to the door,Unexpectedly, it really opened my eyes later”
Guan Tingna said,A little affectionate glance at Xia Jian。Bai Li turns her big beautiful eyes,Asked softly:“So you have been here many times?”

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