Time is actually very short,In a short while into the underground river,As the distance gets closer,Can see the light from the entrance to the abyss,But I never saw a sandworm swimming by。

The ten or so action team leaders on the move are approaching the entrance of the abyss,The four Taoist leaders brought Chen Du slightly back,Then there are Huang Kai and Xiuxiu,Li Dachuan took Gan Yifan and Xu Wan but fell to the top。
suddenly,Li Dachuan stopped in the water,A bunch of blisters spit out from his mouth,Can hear him yelling:“Stop!”
then,“boom”!A loud noise,Fire spit out from the entrance of the abyss,Violent shaking in the water。
More than a dozen action team leaders closest to the entrance of the abyss were swallowed by a sudden flame,Then four veterans and Chen Du,And when the flames swept through Huang Kai and Xiuxiu,,Another loud noise,The river flows back into the abyss,The flame is also sucked into the abyss,It is everyone who is sucked in with one,Even Li Dachuan can’t escape this huge suction。
The mutation quickly reacts to the surface。
The gushing water column that lasted for nearly a month disappeared,The center of the lake presents a huge whirlpool,The water level drops rapidly。
Suddenly,I don’t know what’s going on,People on the ground and underwater are the same。
Ning Bei Zhi took off in a helicopter for the first time,The officers who stayed in the camp swarmed out,Either overlooking the cliffs or rushing to the lake in groups。
The rate of descent of the lake is appalling,Just a few minutes,The water level drops even more than one meter,Large expanses of the surface flooded by the lake are exposed。
“Eight o’clock direction,full speed!”Ning Bei Zhi on the helicopter suddenly pointed to the southwest and shouted。
The helicopter quickly changed course,Fly over at the fastest speed。
There are also large areas of sand submerged here,the difference is——Someone,Sandworm。

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