First0774chapter A different kind of woman Lu Wanting
Lu Changfei touched his bald head,His face slowly changed。
No one spoke in the living room for a while,Even which two people standing at the door are like sculptures。Xia Jian can almost hear his heartbeat。It seems that his single-handed approach,Makes Lu Changfei very uncomfortable。
Time goes by every second,The two people just sat quietly for about a few minutes,Lu Changfei finally spoke,He put away the smile on his face,Say word by word:“The boy is really fat,Dare to ask me directly,Do you want to kill me with money?”
“Fei Ge said seriously,I am just a migrant worker,You must know this too。Do you have money? Really not,How much can a migrant worker earn in a month,Everyone knows,So I didn’t have the capital when I took money,This is not my own character“Xia Jian also had a calm tone,Rightly。
Anyway, things have reached this bottom,He has no scruples。I’m just a migrant worker,It’s a big deal,He is too lazy to be stared at by others,He really doesn’t want to live this kind of life。
“Hahahaha!Have personality,It’s the same as Wanting said,Your character is a businessman but not a businessman,This fits well with my old Lu’s character“Lu Changfei suddenly laughed。
at this time,The apartment door suddenly opened,Come out in a twenties,A very beautiful girl。She has short hair,Looks extremely clean。Height one meter and six kilometers away,Neither fat nor thin。Black blouse,White trousers。Slim waist breast augmentation,Xia Jian is a bit silly。
“Oops dad!Is this your way of hospitality?I don’t even pour a cup of tea“Girl talking and laughing,come over,Started making tea。
Lu Changfei smiled and said:“This is my precious woman Lu Wanting,She is also the general manager of Hyatt Commerce。Don’t listen to her gentle name,People are like little hot peppers,Very tricky“
“dad!You introduced someone like this”Lu Wanting said shyly,He stretched out her slender hand。
Xia Jian smiled politely,He stretched his hand over,Unexpectedly, when his hand was held by Lu Wanting,This little girl suddenly exerted strength,Xia Jian suddenly felt that his hand was pinched by a pair of pliers。Luckily, Lu Wanting then withdrew her hand,Otherwise, Xia Jian will be embarrassed in public for a moment。
“Very sorry,We invite you over this way,Seems a bit wrong。But this method is not invented by us,We just learned from others,So don’t be offended by Xia“Lu Wanting said,Sent the brewed tea to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian was afraid that she would attack again,So he is fully prepared this time。He sinks down,Force on both arms,Then he held the teacup with both hands in a moon-holding manner。But what disappointed him a little,Lu Wanting is very honest this time,No action。
Xia Jian drank a cup of tea first,Then he said with a faint smile:“We won’t talk about the process,I just want to ask the result,You must have a meaning in doing this,It’s definitely not a joke,is it?“Xia Jian asked rhetorically,He looked at this Lu Wanting by the way。
I saw a faint smile on her face,There is a faint murderous aura hidden between the eyebrows,Such a woman,Xia Jian didn’t see much,He has to deal with it carefully。
“Very simple,I just want to pass this,Let us get to know“Lu Wanting said and smiled。
This reason is too random!Xia Jian knew she didn’t tell the truth,So he said with a smile:“Real people don’t tell lies,Let’s spread it out!“

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