What is this,Lin Feng has helped him,I have come directly to the site of Lin Feng.,I hurt him.。

“fine,A misunderstanding。”Kriwo smiled and patted the sleeve:“You must be a friend of the master.。”
Clever smile and reach out。
“It’s just。”The monster red sword mark is heard of his face to show a smile,Also reach out of the hand holding Krevo’s hand,Suddenly outlet:“You absorb the blood of the magic river?”
“Not you make a mistake。”Kriwo hurriedly shaking his head,Tolsmu,Yoshimen Yutao is also shaking his head.,Denny this matter,After all, I haven’t sure that these people are enemies.。
“You don’t want to deny,I am dealing with them every day.。”Male red sword mark:“My breath, I can’t forget this life.。”
Talking between the demon red swordsman tone with boundless hatred,The surrounding air suddenly falls into a cold。
This hate makes Tolsmut,Yamamoto Yutao and others feel moving。
What hate is so hatred??
“Ok,friend,We admit the blood of the devour the magical people,This grows to now。”Kriwo heard:“Two big captains,Thirteen captains。”
“it is good!”
Mono-red sword mark:“I will swallow you more in the future.,How much do you want?,How much is I give you?。”
He seems to know how to advance Torsema et al.。
Maybe the monster red sword man think this is the way to repay Lin Feng.。
“Thank you for this。”Yamamoto hooked up and laughed:“But we want to use your own ability.。”
“good,We will get quarry through your own means。”Krevo,Charlie Man,Tolsmu and others also said。
The demon red swords, men, etc.,The post on the face has exposed an inexpensive smile.,It seems that Torsemis is just a joke.,Strive for face。
“Maybe you don’t believe it now.,But there is one day,We will make you shocked。”Tolsmu laughs。
“We believe in you。”The demon red sword mark is a hard trip:“is there anything that I can help,Just call us,You seem to have something to do.?”
“This nature,Several,This valley is very suitable for living,Don’t you go on the hillside south side?。”Tolsmu laughs:“We are manufacturing some weapons,It is the experimental base,Worried about hurting。”
“arms?”The demon red sword mark is a little laughing:“it is good,it is good,We don’t go there.,All right,We have entered the valley.,What is something?,Call us,We will pay attention to this side at any time.。”
“Thank you。”Tolsmu,Krevo et al. S nodded。
“My name is a demon night song!”The mile red sword mark is silent.:“He is iron hands,Pursue,Sorrowful!”
The monster night songs point to other three people smile and introduce the road.。
“I Tormu 10 is my companion.,Charlie Man,Yamamoto,Krevo。”Torsmun laughs and introduces the road。
Monster night song,Iron hand,Pursue,The four people heard the words and nodded,I immediately turned to the mountain valley of the Nissan.。
“I,These people seem to be very friendly to the owner。”Torson looks at the four people disappeared。
“Should be a friend of the owner?,Owner’s personality,There should be many friends,Fortunately, his friend。”Yamamoto Tao Tao。
“So strong,Be strong than the owner,I feel that our atomic bombs may not be able to let them。”Krevo Road,This is an instinctory intuition。
“Maybe,All right,We continue to study,The process is getting faster and faster。”Tolsmu laughs:“In the experiment, then hide some,Can’t disclose easily,What is not a hidden place here?。”
“it is good!”Tolsmu,Charlie Mann and others have nodded。
Daming Empire,Emperor accounts for local circles3000inside,There is a hill in the center of the Emperor,30,000 meters high,Miles,It’s like a tanguzi.,This mountain is named Tianfeng。
Refers to Tianfeng Mountain steep,Monument,Vigorous,There is an ancient tower on the peak,This ancient tower is high,Soldn sword mark spread,Irrise eight angles,This tower is the main tower of Xuanhuang Tower。

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