“What is the saving?!”

“Can save certain efforts to save,Let me see the situation first.,You come to me this time tomorrow.!”
The second day of Fujika is coming over,Rui Rui is very anxious to say to him:“Zheng Guotai is tried by the heavy sentence,I have been sent to the medical room.,I found a chance to go in and find out.,He is very seriously injured.,But it is speech injury。”
“Ji Tiri!Is it possible to save people??”
“I am unlikely to save people in the efforts of the efforts.,Unless Zheng Guotai is transferred to the hospital!”
“Can you enter the medical room??”
“Still have a chance!What do you plan to do??”
“Mountain Principal,It is best to save people.,If you can’t save it, you can only kill!”
“I see!If I have a message,I will pull the curtain,You will come up,If you don’t come up.!”
Rui Rui is now done is reasonable as possible,Let the spy can’t see any problems and flaws。
How to enter the medical office of our efforts,This kind of good office,I said that I can enter myself.,It is also very simple to send Zheng Guotai to the hospital.,Never do it at all,The people who have a power station will take the first aid to the hospital with Zheng Guotai seriously.,Next, we only need to design a hospital to rescue.。
NS107chapter Not so smooth action
Turn over the sky,Kazakka Shuo see the curtain to pull the hotel now。
“Teng Gu!Opportunity!Zheng Guotai sent it to nearby hospitals because of the serious criminal injury last night.,I have verified,He is now in the third floor of the intensive care room,There are four special destinations at the door!”
“But how do we save people??”
“Planning I have already thought about it.,Teng Gu,We want to save people and need a few helpful Chinese helpers.,I will find a way to get the special person’s specialist,We will bring people directly to this evening.,But we need a military vehicle and a ambulance,Can you get it??”
“Ji Tiri,Can you tell the plan first??”
Rui Rui said the plan detailed with Teng Gu Da.,Ask:“Do you think this plan??”
“Long pool,I need to go back to the application for this plan.。”
“Your stupid idiot,Must act tonight,Otherwise, we have no chance.,You are reported to wait for the reply.,Such an important person is delayed because of your stupid,You will be punished!”
“Long Pool Lord is not angry,This is the order of Shan Yan’s official official,You can rest assured that we will not delay this action.!I am going to prepare.。”
The well-established rescue plan will be willing to save people.,But will never let them save so smoothly,In order to reduce your own losses, you must be doped with it.,It is best to find the old nest of the spy.。
afternoon,Teng Gu Damei came again.,Telling Long Chijun auxiliary Camp to save almost,The required vehicles are ready。
Of course, at night,I know that Rui will take my spy action.,Director of the Director has arranged more than 30 motion masters in the hospital.,The purpose is not to catch them,Instead, it is forced to take ritual to their hiding place.。
The rescue plan is a long history,Every link is very embarrassed,All spihood did not find any improper and problems,Another is the highest level of the official steps,Mountain Yugui also let them obey the command,So after determining the plan,So the rescue operation under the harvested leadership。
The seven male two girls who follow the rumor together,There are two spies responsible for picking a telephone number outside the phone.,Follow the espixs entering the hospital,One of them is dressed as a doctor,Two female daily spals dressed as a nurse,Rui Rui and four special skills。
The ability of the suite is still not small,According to the rough plan they have made a ambulance and a military vehicle,Rui Rui gave the document of the four force specialist gave the rest of the spy,Two cars have entered the hospital smoothly。
Rui sharp in the makeup, walk in front of four spies,Doctors and nurses push a trolley,Rui Rui came to the door to say that four guards Zheng Guoan:“I am from Han Dong, a special action group.!This is my identification!Shangfeng has the transfer of Zheng Guoan to the Army Hospital!”
“Why didn’t we receive a notice??”A special agent asked,
“Is the number of calls yet??”Qi Rui,
At this time,Repair phone ringtones in the ward,Take a while,There is a special agent in the ward,I saw it asked Qi Rui.:“You are Han Dong?”

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