As for the other side of the Naruto,I have already waited for a long time.,On the moment of flying in the big tube Hui, bulky。

Originally, they tested that they were still planning to wait for the Naruto Chakra.,After that, cooperate with a wave of attack。
But no one thought,Night is actually so powerful,Let the big torch in the night of the night to reveal the flaws so soon.。
Although the means is shameful,But the moment is about the safety of the whole tolerance,It is not important for what means to use.。
Even before,Is there a plan to make a flaw?,That’s afraid of a slanting, it is,Naruto also wants to try his own reverse·Hometown。
It looks now,His must kill is no chance to use,Because when it is the brilliant night of the revealed flaw,On the side, the Naruto, which is ready to go, followed by,Such a good opportunity,They obviously can’t lose hands.。
And the Naruto people who have been in the palm of the palm of the hand come with Sasuke.,See the general trend,The big tube is also to die, it is also the heart of a pad.,Blue white hair instantly grows,And wrapped around the neck of the night。
Even if you want to be seal,The big tube Hui night also feels that it is necessary to pull this shameless.。
And her big torch is not dead.,Even if you are seal for thousands of years,I have the opportunity to break out.,Another good Han。
But the shameless thing that is dead,Obviously there is no such ability,That’s afraid of being sealed for a hundred and eighty years.,The other party will be exhausted,Become a glass of loess。
So how to calculate it,Although you are sealed,But win or yourself。
“Your mad woman!Previously seal you is your two sons,I want to seal it, you are the two。
Laozi is free with you.,Why do you have to find me?!”
Looking at the power of yin and yang, getting stronger and stronger,And gradually pulling the cube wooden night,Night is also anxious to cut his hair.。
But the big torch is like the same as him.,Even no resistance to seal,Just want to pull the night burial。
Those hair entangled in the night,It is also like a leek.,Cutting a stubborn。
Feel the constant pulling the past,Night is busy looking to the Naruto with Sasuke,Signature these two goods stop。
But they spread their booths to express love.,From just beginning,The surgery has been separated from their control.。
“Depend on,I will know that there is no protagonist, can’t be boosted.,The old man in the old man is not reliable.!”
I don’t want to be a hero.
Chapter 866 Seed half of the brilliant night
With the gradual strengthening of suction,Night, more and more hair wrapped in the night,It’s really a batch now.。
He suddenly discovered,Although he is strong enough,Chakra is big enough,Restore speed enough,But facing this seal,It seems that his various means,There is no way。
Because this seal is originally strong enough to seal the night,Chakra size does not make sense,And this is not hurt,His regeneration and recovery ability is also available。
In the event of a thousand,Night, open the system,Look at all your own inventories,See if there is anything,Ability to cope with the current situation。
In addition to a pile of funny props cards outside the characters,Night is finally really found something that can be used,And this thing is still what he got before.。
Doll:Ability to draw the strength of the body by contact,The role of replacing the body with a chaos。
ps:Power absorbed by the doll,Once the doll dies,Will not recover。And the seal force must reach more than 50%,Can achieve the effect of fake。
Night, I found it.,Only the prior time task I have received this doll in the reward.。
Because Uzhi Wavecrew the box,The Ninja coalition will be awarded the battle of the warning of the warner.。
This puppet doll is able to replace the night.,But the night’s night is hesitant.。
Because this gout is effective against the sky,Even with a lot of life,But the side effect is too big.。
If you use a doll,Then, the power of almost half of the night will lose.,Because it is sealed,Almost no difference with direct rot。
Naruto and Sasuke and others tried to break the hair of the big tube Huachang night.,However, these hair is an absence of a co-wood utilization,Ordinary sickness does not use。
And the big torch, the night, it seems that I have a heart to pull the night.,So the hair is also more and more.。
Seeing that suction is gradually become,Even the night is unable to resist,Looking at the doll in the hand,Night suddenly emerged a bold idea。
Direct to the doll in your hand,Throw it on the night,And choose to start。
Because of the reason why the cube Wooden Hui Night is now,Use also does not have a residual dodge。
Small cabbage doll,In an instant to touch the big cylinder,Obvious discovery,A large amount of power begins to lose。

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