then,IGEveryone did not hesitate,Directly chose to open Dragon。

FWEveryone,It is constantly tested in the side wings.。Three people left now,Is a chance to play a wave of miracle group。
so,They are looking for,Looking for the emergence of that opportunity。
but……Mediate a long time,FWI finally didn’t see the appearance of the wave of the wave.。
finally,FWThe wilderness chose to be a life-fighting, grab this Dragon。
pity……Not grab,ngPunish pin,EmperorIGUnder the interference of others,I didn’t grab it all.ngMaybe。
The emperor handed over all skills,In the end, I still can’t escape.,quiltIGEveryone kills his own wild area.。
then,IGEveryone began to integrate formation,arriveFWMiddle road high。
The emperor has not resurrected,IGEveryone pushes the middle road highland to be easily,FWNothing to do too much resistance,DirectlyIGEveryone poses highland defense tower and crystal。
After this,IGEveryone turned down,PrepareFWTwo highlands,Continue to advance the push towers。
but,The emperor at this time has resurrected。FWCaustible,LetIGGet inch。
so,faceIGPromotion,FWChoosing it directly stubborn。
So far,Most fierce wave fight,Also explosive in this place。
Nima is on the line,FWIt is because of this,So they did not continue to choose andIGMediate,Instead, I chose to open the group directly.。
Accelerated from spring waterBUFFThe emperor rushed to the battlefield,Directly is the army,RushIGThe direction of everyone。
Next moment,SeeIGAfter the people have signs to retreat,The emperor didn’t want to giveIGEveryone this opportunity。
The military flag is inserted before the highland tower,Fang Tianxiao,Also after this,Suddenly stamp the position where the army is located。
then,The body of the emperor started to fly,RushIGAmong the formations。
That isEQWhile shooting,Ni is also pressedTP,Lit upIGFlat-type side。
NiTP,I have to say that the reaction is so fast.。
But for the speed of the emperor,thisTPFloor speed,Still too slow too slow。
EmperorEQInstant of the end of the cast,He has suddenly jumped into the air,TowardIGHuman bore。
The big trick of the emperor is very clear,IGEveryone stands before this, not scattered,So his goal fingers,DirectlyIGRear row doubleC。
Focus,Still the best in this time,It is also the most likely to contribute the highest output in the group battle.。
The emperor’s body,Kane is also open directlyESkill,RushIGPeople in the pile。
Next moment,The emperor flew to the highest point in the air,His body also started slow down after this。
The sound of the emperor,The terrain of the big move effect is also instantaneous after this.。
Within his target,Cloud、Sierras and Luo are all taken into it.。
but……Just in the rush of the emperor is about to hurt,When the championship of this wave group battle,A fine broken golden,Suddenly lit up in this field。
Xia’s figure,It is after this flash,Directly out of the coverage of the emperor,Also escaped all the output of the emperor。
then,DirectlyQSkills,Two fierce blades also play the wind,Pumped over the emperor’s body。
not only that,Drive in the emperor,Then Kannan did not officially follow the field。

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