They are all ages,No girlfriend,The days are really difficult,Especially in the case where the head is often invested by the fire.。

Chen Linzhi listened and laughed and laughed.。
Living environment,Winning clean and tidy。
Kitchenette bottle tank,And the placement of the refrigerator,Tags are unified,Obviously obsessive disorder,I don’t know if I am in force,Still his mother has obsessive disorder,Are abscessed。
No otherwise,There is no money on your body,Can have a place to temporarily live in quite good,How to pick three capital。
Emergency in the open topic,Decisively, I refer to a door saying:“Your things are in my house,Recently, I will sleep, my mother’s bed.,You live in my room.,How long does it take?,Wait for you to find the house。”
The feeling of the fence is not too good.,Especially in the case where the space is not disappeared.。
However, there is not much room for leaving Chen Linzhi.,Since I don’t want to fall into the street,I have only like this.。
Whether it is Yin Yu or a beam,Although the family is not affluent,Can be so good as many Chinatown old residents,Have your own house,There are also elders to help。
However, Chen Linzhi,Nothing at all。
I have relatives in my impression.,But since I didn’t have to receive him.,But let him go to the orphanage,Explain that the relationship is not pro,Have the same。
As for the heritage left by the parents,The house was taken away by the creditor.,Also left a big debtor。
Not all parents are qualified,Direct to take care of children,Chen Linzhi’s regrets in memory is very small,The sadness is also limited,Early walking on the road to toss it in,Factors that have not been done without growth。
nowadays,The memory of the two memories、Integrate,The change is under gentleness,But no matter what,This day is really a bit,Since there is no way to change the fact that this San Francisco Chinatown,I should think about how to make a living。
Movement upstairs,Stopped in two or three minutes。
Amir doesn’t know,It’s inevitable to cry, you can’t laugh.,Said flat boiler now every minute,It’s a waste of money。
Chen Linzhi did not pick up,But I feel interesting,I don’t work in the room that belongs to the Yin Rong.,Roll to the old things in the box。
Total three boxes,Most of them are some clothing shoes.、Miscellaneous。
There is also an old radio、A pair of dumbbells,And some messy gadgets,Among them have watermelon knives,Extraction of Damascus knife pattern dagger,Sharp。
They are all evidence that he has not learned.。
Yin Zhao bottle beer,Rely on the door,While drinking:“Your TV is here,You can take a look,Put a waste,I will use it first.。
Dirty clothes, my mother will help you wash it.,Magazine under the bed、novel,I don’t take home.,I’m throwing there,I didn’t want to be so mixed.,No wonder I often look at your spirit.,Exuberant,Be careful。”
Slightly memories,Chen Linzhi remembers the pile“Collection”,Different from the next year,I can find it easily on the Internet.,The current sales of men magazine is still high,The cinema night field is also very popular,Place some normal movie during the day,At nightrLevel adult movie。
Chinatown’s Grand Star Theater,In the past, Chen Linzhi did not go。
Yin Humbles will Chen Linzhi’s silence today,When it is just coming out, there is still some uncomfortable,So no longer bother,Let him rest first,Go to the movie together at night。
Movie passed by Hong Kong City,Table name《Food truck》,The world is still the world,However, time returned to the 1980s.,Tradition、simple、slow-paced。
I heard the name of this movie,Jack appeared in Chen Linzhi’s mind·Chen’s big nose,Nowadays, seven small blesses should be young.,Under the rise,Red pole。
Some people bought fierce,I want to give Chen Linzhi a lesson。

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