“what,my hand。”

Wang Minghai’s right hand came a crisp sound。
Once again,This hand of Wang Minghai,Obviously it is broken.。
And others see this scene,Obviously it is shocking。
And Wang Minghai squatted with his hand,The pain directly fell on the ground。
This time,He is completely gone without opportunities。
“Home has a family rule,A company also has the rules of the company。”
“You are broken, the rule of the Wang Group,Now I am a big shareholder of Wang’s Group,So I want to clean up the portal!”
Shen Xuan looked at Wang Minghai,The whole person’s face is full of murderous killing。
Wang Ming Haidei’s forehead is continuously taken out:“Do not,Do not kill me。”
Humph,In this case,Is it possible??
Since Shen Xuan has said this。
So no matter what,Shen Xuan will never give him a chance。
at this point,Uninoup。
At this time,not far away,A voice comes:“stop,Blank!”
Chapter 82-this rhythm,Not right
“Lin light snow,why you?”
Shen Xuan’s conscious look at the eyes,Curious asked。
In fact,Shen Xuan really wants to ask,How seems to be ourselves?,Can meet her?
This rhythm,Not right?
But Lin Gongxue,Then I walked to Shen Xuan.。
There are still a few steps from Shenxuan.,Lin Xiaoxue stopped:“Because I found,In fact, you are my biggest Golden Lord.。”
“So follow you,Find something,Will more。”
Lin Wei Xue said that there is no problem.,But after combination with these eating melon people。
This rhythm,Not the same。
“Say,We should avoid it.?”
at this time,Someone looked here,Weak。
Others looked at it.,It seems to be。
The biggest shareholder of Wang’s Group,Handsome handsome。
This tolerance little sister,It is also a flow of flutes such as Yumei.。
These two people are together,This is definitely a good story。
So now,Think here,These people still don’t have a light bulb here.。
“Mr. Shen,I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do.,Let’s go first.。”
“That’s right,Mr. Shen, you are busy first.,Needless to take us。”

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