After all, now,Do so,In itself,It is not a bad thing.。

So they all,Naturally,Is very happy。
“The president said yes.,these people,Never let go。”
“That is of course,Even if they are now really planning to make up,Let’s everyone,Also directly。”
“In fact,If you really say this?,Think so much,There is nothing wrong with it.。”
With those people around,You have said that I am in my words.,I don’t forget to say this.。
And play this scene,The more like this,In fact, these。
at this time,Chen Denn,The more you look, the more you think,Start now,Do yourself,There is no impact on it。
“Well,It’s so arranged.!”
The first thousand two hundred and eighty-five chapters have won
For these things that are currently encountered。
At this moment,Lei Tianming,Then I took out the phone and called a phone.。
“Thunder,What are you doing??”
Beside,The people of the sword door saw this scene,It is slightly somewhat curious.,I can’t help but ask here.。
slowly,These people around me said this.。
At this time, Tei Tianming,It is very calm。
“I am in accordance with the boss,Directly to persuade。”
When Lei Tianming said out,obviously,For these things。
no doubt,Now look at it now,This is already completely lying here.。
slowly,Just like this to look at these。
Other people at this time?,It suddenly realized。
In fact, they,I don’t know how this is the effect of this.。
The more this,In fact, here,For the current,All of them,It’s more completely settled.。
“Hey,What did you say,Do not promise??”
“Well,I know what to do.。”
Lei Tianming is very fast,Just hang up the phone。
What about the rest,When I saw it here,Still thinking here,What is the situation here?。
But at this moment,Lei Tianming,Look at this side,It is very helpless to shake his head.。
“Ugh,I have already given them a chance.,But they don’t agree.。”
When Lei Tianming said to this,obviously,Treat these。

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