“Hey!Forgot to discuss with you,My car is parked in the underground parking garage,We lived in Bucheon for two days,Or just go back to Pingdu?This is your decision”Xia Jian yawned,Seeking Luo Yi’s opinion。

Luo Yi smiled and said:“Of course go directly to your hometown,What to go shopping in Bucheon,Can you still followGZratio?”Luo Yi said,A happy smile on his face。
Got off the plane,Xia Jian took Luo Yi into the elevator。As there are two large suitcases,So two people each pull one。Okay,His car was parked not far from the elevator entrance。
Go straight from the airport to the highway,Luo Yi thought he was going to see Xia Jian’s family right away,A happy smile appeared on his face。
Driving from Bucheon to Pingdu,About an hour like。Xia Jian slept on the plane,So he is sober now。The car drives fast,He didn’t rest in the service area,I just want to go home quickly。
Took a breath,At four o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian’s car has been parked outside Pingdu。Luo Yi opened the car door curiously and went down。
She looked at the distant village and asked Xia Jian:“The villages on your side are all laid out like this?Also, this house is really different from our south”
Xia Jian nodded,I got out of the car and moved around and asked:“Did you eat at a hotel in our city??I’ll go home and let my mother cook farm food for you”
“Of course I went home to eat,What’s good about the food outside”Luo Yi finished,So he drove up and sat up。She seems to be anxious to return to Xiping Village than Xia Jian。
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Driving his jeep is another rush,More than ten minutes,The car has arrived in Pingyang Town。When passing through the town,Xia Jian slowed down。
Luo Yi through the car window glass,Keep turning my eyes,Everything here is for her,All seem so novel。
When the car reached the entrance of Zhangyang Village,Xia Jian saw Ma Chuntao standing on the side of the road calling from afar,He drove the car directly in front of the woman and stopped。
When Ma Chuntao saw that the driver turned out to be Xia Jianshi,The woman screamed excitedly:“what!It is you!Aren’t you missing?”
“Can’t you come back if you are missing??”Xia Jian stopped the car by the side of the road。
Ma Chuntao glanced at Luo Yi sitting in the co-pilot,Smiled and greeted her,Then turned around and asked Xia Jian:“Who is this beauty?Why don’t you introduce me?”
“GZGeneral Manager of Longdong Group,Ben girlfriend Luo Yi”Xia Jian blatantly introduced Ma Chuntao this time。To know,Xia Jian once brought so many women back,But I never introduced it to others like this once。

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