White is not a dark airflow blown,Black rays a few hundred meters area,His figure is directly connected to a ray to the distant sky。

Beshen Dragon and Longtai Emperor Into anger,The two strong people took out the gods directly.,Preparing to attack white,Kill this person directly,But when they first shot,A shadow is from the sky。
“Long Taihuang,Bubei Dragon,You are a big courage!”A majesty voice falls from the sky,Rolling,Directly fried in the ears of Long Taihuang and Bubei Dragon。
“Lin Feng!”
“Lin Feng!”Belle Dragon and Longtai Emperor。
“good,It is this seat。”Lin Feng’s figure appeared in front of the two,He carries his hands,Watching the two people overlooking the Belle Dragon and Long Taipai。
His heart is full of emotions,I finally overlook Long Taihuang and Belle Dragon.。
Qinglong Chamber of Commerce Bronze Conference,Fei Xiange Millennium Festival is the scene of the scene in Lin Feng’s mind,Long Taihuang and Bei Shen Dragon three times two times to suppress himself,Secretly black hand,Thanks to the dancing of Tang and others,Plus your own means to resolve this matter。
“Mix,Lin Feng,You actually dare to call this seat in front of me.。”Long Taihuang heard whisper:“what are you!”
“good,Lin Feng,what are you,Give me a quick release!”Bei Shen Dragon Face Yin Road,He took out a sleeve-like long knife between his hands.,It is the Shenbian Moon Knife,Mingyue knife light flashes。
It is even more exciting rays under the moonlight.。
“Oh,Bubei Dragon,Long Taihuang,You are here to find someone to deal with me.,I still want me to go away.?”Lin Feng faint:“Do you think possible??”
“Lin Feng,Don’t give you a free to eat wine!”Long Taihuang Shen Sheng:“roll!”Long Taihuang looked at Lin Feng’s eyes overlooking,The heart is angry,Biased but is extremely jealous of Lin Feng,No dare to do。
Talking between Long Taihuang and Bubei Dragon’s figure,Prepare to chase white and dead,But when the two of the two people flew out of the void,A huge Taiji ball is in the empty。
This Taiji ball100Meter。
Taiji balls pass a vast power,Turnout,Also carry a powerful involvement,This power is crazy swept the figure of Long Taihuang and Bei Shenlong,Two people have a feeling that can’t control the figure.。
The figure of the two flying out,Avoid the area where the Taiji ball shrouded。
“Do you hide??”Lin Feng loudly sounded。
The huge incomparable Tai Chi ball directly gave the figure of Bubei Dragon。
“Give me break!”
Beshen Dragon,The moon knife in the hand broke out at this moment,Thousands of shots,Like a round of Mingyue,Reface, to this Taiwanese ball。
“Cannot!”Long Taihuang panic sound came。
The voice of the harsh knife sounds,This horrible light is wiped directly from the edge of Taiji ball.,And then draw a trajectory,Directly kill the figure of Long Taihuang。
Long Taimei is crazy,An ancient clock appeared on the top of the head。
“clang!”Melodious bell came,This ancient Zhong Hao is a Taihuang Bell.,The only defensive god soldier Taihuang Bell。
Taihuang Zhong Guangshi bloom。
This knife is directly impacting in the Taihuang clock.,Melodious bell,The next moment of horror impact out,This attack was resolved by this Long Taihuang.。

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