“Hey!You didn’t hear me??Let you take three heads,1 million,This is a matter tonight.。”Women look at Blue Xin does not speak,Loudly,It seems to be intentionally causing attention around people.。Blue is reluctant to see her,Quietly repeat women’s words:“磕 three heads,1 million,Will there be too little?If you, you will have a billion,This will not be worry-free.

“hehe”Several women laugh laugh。
“Do you have a billion??”The woman who was sprinkled with blue juice smiled even more taunt.。
Several women around them are even smaller looking at Blue Xin。
They all believe that Lantin is settled tonight.。
Although people come here are not rich,But the person who is expensive is also expensive than Lijia’s people.。
“Looking at her soil, there is no person who has never seen the world.,Look at the clothes on her body,I don’t know where to use the place of the way.,I also dare to wear it.。”The speech is a woman who just came out.。
Blue Xin looked at her ugly face,Incomparable dislike。
The woman hit her with her,Clothes are extraordinary,Diamond diamond,Indeed。
But this woman is very vulgar.,And I looked at the woman called Chang Chang.,When you look at it, you will know that it is a person who is covered by the situation.。
“Yes?Your body,I am afraid that there is no more than the store.,Let’s take a rent.。”Blue Xin looked at her black dress,Out of the unsuccessful。
Woman who came to this occasion,Dressing clothes,Absolutely new,And the clothes on this woman,Obviously washed traces。
Watch style,Still the design of the Lu Group。
“What do you say?”The woman didn’t expect Blue Xin to see it.。
Blue Xin laughs,“Do you want me to say the second time??”
“quietly,What is much with her so much nonsense??I don’t understand what I don’t understand.,How can you see that your body is installed?cyBrand name?”The woman standing next to her is a deep opening。
“quietly,Smooth,Let her lose money,We have other things to do.,It’s hard to get this empty lotus.,But you have to play.,Will only pull our grade with this kind of earth bag。”
“is not it,You will lose money quickly.,Delay our beauty time,More than you lose。”
“I still want to eat advanced cuisine for a while.?If you delay my advanced cuisine,I will let you lose two million heads.,If you can’t lose, you will stay here to go to the underground casino to accompany those heavy bosses.。 ”
Blue Xin records them one by one。
“it is good,a while,What you said,I will give you all。”Since the other person wants trouble,She is a little bigger。
This banquet tonight,For them two people,Absolutely a Hongmen feast。Lith is embarrassed to give them two people.,Turingire tonight, she couldn’t let him down.。
NS1545chapter:Legist people you also dare
Several women in the scene did not hear the String of Blue Xin。
Look at Blue Xin with a watchtower。
This is the play code in this expensive circle.。
Solving the problem is the fastest。
Li Shu Chang this woman,They have the attachment of them,Also on the rich people,This kind of scene can make them earned a few million yet.。
That smoothly:“Didn’t you hear my friend??Hurry and kneel down,You can delay in our things,Otherwise, the consequences are more serious.。”
Blue Xin looked at her cold and smile,The beauty of the beauty exudes a dangerous light。
She quickly raised her hand,“Snapped……”The slap is hit on the smooth face.。
Look at Blue Xin’s wrong。
Several women are most surprised to look at Blue Xin,Quickly cover your mouth,I am afraid that I am screaming.。
This woman is too courageous.?
Who she is playing, who doesn’t know??
This woman is a big disaster.。

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