“This is a business card,You look,It seems that there is a tag,See what identity。”Lin Feng immediately took out the business card of Elipha, handed it to Dongxing.。

NS278chapter Brotherhood
Dongxing looked at this business card lost voice:“Elipha,Dab Empire Royal Royal People!”
“what?Royal princess?”Lin Feng heard the voice,Doing a dream, I can’t think of this woman will have such a big head.。
“good,This is the mark of the royal princess,A business card is actually set with so many diamonds。”Dongxing took this business card:“Big brother,It seems that this princess is very impressed with you.,Otherwise, will not give you a business card.。”
“You think too much,It turned out to have this identity。”Lin Feng Road:“Is this the gold level of the big forces youth Tianjiao??”
“Yes,But I feel that the big brother does not lose them.。”Dongxing laughs:“Big brother practice is still short。”
“Less,Just I don’t know what the woman named shadow is.。”Lin Feng mysterical:“I feel that she is not like Elizabeth’s hand.,Not like a colleague。”
“shadow?What shadow?”
Dongxing heard the face。
“how?You know the woman’s identity?”Lin Feng asked。
“Big brother,I also know recently.,Western first killer tissue hell,Gold level big forces,Even the big gold levels are jealous,Because they specialize,The shadow is the ninth place,Extremely horrible。”Dongxing explained:“The top eight is the realm is higher than him.,Of course, this ranking is not the strong situation of the sky.。”
“what?hell?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。
“good,It is a person who is domain organization,Display according to information,Shadow is the power of the universal realm,Good at killing,Other eight should be a strong in the world。”Dongxing explained。
“fear,so horrible。”Lin Feng heard the words:“so,Ilipha is a hiring shadow to China.。”
“It should be failed。”Dongxing Road。
“All right,Our matter we don’t care,As long as we don’t provoke us.。”Lin Feng Road:“You go back first.,I went to the next teahouse.,I have to go to Tang family in the afternoon.,Also gave me a home,Hunan Zhengjia,Southeast Leijia Information,ASAP。”Lin Feng told。
“no problem,I have passed,Big Brother is careful。”Dongxing heard the title,When you turn around。
Lin Feng, after the car, I came to the famous teahouse.。
Just walk into the famous tea house, I met an ostrich and crow.,The two are waiting for the door to swallow the clouds.。
“Maple!”The crow and ostrich have come up.。
“wipe,ostrich,Crow。”Lin Feng smiled and hugged the shoulders of the two people.。
“It’s more and more windy now.。”Ostrich laughs:“Wen Tianxia,Gamble。”
“Yes。”Crow also laughs:“Time to teach me to play two hands。”
“You are also joking here.,go,Sitting in the house。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Some things talk to you。”
“it is good!”The crows and ostrich two people walked in.,Three people walk into the box,The ostrich makes people a pot of tea.,Then I closed the door.。
“Maple,What happened??”The crow is seriously looking at Lin Feng Road.:“How is your hair??”
“Yes,So what happened?”Ostrich is also concerned about。
“fine。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Crow,ostrich,I ask you a question.。”
“what is the problem?”Ostrich asked。
“Still last problem,Do you want to go to another world for a lifetime??”Lin Feng seriously。
“What is the so-called ordinary??”Ostrich。

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