He doesn’t like to talk,When you are with strangers,He never likes to speak,The expression is cold and cold。

NS1212chapter:I am afraid that your daughter is turned away.
Classmates are not particularly liked.,He only has Kiki in the school’s only friend.,His two brothers are also considered.,But not often talk。
He is almost obsessed with him,She painted him,It is also a cold and faint expression.,It can be seen that she usually observes their observations into the micro.。
Blue Qi:“Han Yuxuan,How do you like it?This, I spent several weeks finished work.。”
Han Yuxuan nodded quickly,His hair has long long,The face is also slimful.,Washed a lot of three-dimensional,He smiled and happy,The smile of the heart is shining,“Kiki,I love so much,thank you!I will have a good collection.。”
Look at her so hard,He must do a better effort。
“hehe……”Blue Qiqi smiles a few times,“Han Yuxuan,You like me, I am relieved.,Here is my dream world.,After I grow up,I want to do designers,Designed a lot of beautiful clothes like my mother,Let the people who wear my clothes feel happiness and happy,This is my dream of life.。”Blue Qiqi said,Looking at the big studio,The bottom is particularly satisfied。
Han Yuxuan looked at her happiness to say their dreams.,Very envious。
What is his dream??
He has no dreams,All his way is his mother arranged in advance.,When studying family business,He will also get involved in the entertainment circle in the future。
and,He heard the conversation of Mom and Dad,Sixth grade,He will not be deliveredcNational cultivation。
He doesn’t like to talk,Can’t be like him,From a born, I was crowning a child star.,And he can’t。
Blue son’s acting,I have been recognized by the public。
Every work has played his extreme acting,Those burst acting is indeed very attractive eyeballs,What is the like?,He is a natural actor。
But what about him?,He can’t do it in my mother’s eyes,He must study through various days of studying,In order to embark on the way of my mother’s dream。
Blue and Blue, the piano has arrived at seven.,And he only arrived at five。
In front of them, he is always inferior.,So he must make up for his defect through the efforts of the day after tomorrow.,He is very tired every day.,Go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening,I have to get up at 6:00 in the morning.,Study various business philosophy at the weekend。
He has been in the past two years.。
“Kiki,Your dream is that you like or your parents are arranged.?”Han Yuuan can’t help but ask。
Laqi laughs,Some doubtfully looked at him:“Your dream is definitely arranged by yourself.,Why do you want to arrange your parents??My mom and dad never ask us to do what we don’t like.,For our childhood,We are doing what we like.。”
“My mother said,It is not easy to do a good job in this life.,If you like it, you have to stick to it.。”
“Yes?”Han Yuxuan looked at her,Life this life,It is not easy to do a good job.。
But the parents are very high for him.。
Blue Qiqi drank a juice,Like the profitable look at Han Yuxuan:“Han Yuxuan,My mother said that everyone’s childhood is very important.,Don’t live up to your childhood,Why are you always cold??In fact, you should smile more,You laugh very well……hehe……”Blue and Laiqi said,I drank a juice again.,This kind of nature is great。
Han Yuxuan looked at her,Not talking。
Learn every day,He seems to have no time to laugh.。
“go,Han Yuxuan,I will take you to the lake.,When the weather is good,I like to go to the lake.,I like this home here.,The front is a lake,Behind is grassland,The garden is a garden.,I am very happy to return home every day.。”
Blue Qiqi said,Get up and pull Han Yuxuan away。
Lan Qiqi asked:“Han Yuxuan,What is your aspiration?”
Han Yuxuan didn’t know how to answer her.,Let her take yourself。
Blue Qiqi looked back at her,He is only blinking,“I want to do actors,Like you。”In fact, this is not his dream.,Mom’s dream。
Mom can no longer continue when you marry Dad,She is red pole,Can still be unwilling,So, put this dream on his body.,But he doesn’t like it.,He likes to paint with her,His dream is to be an architect。

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