But it’s this simple one click,But the surrounding air is solidified,Chen Xiu suddenly seemed to be frozen into a layer of ice,Cold body,It’s hard to move the body!“What are you two still waiting for,Still not shot!”

“I’m dead,Next one is you!”
Chen Xiu stepped on a long walk,Keep up like a shadow,But that palm still followed him tightly,And get closer and closer。
With Chen Xiu’s cry,Duan Junjian and Jin Feng are like a dream,They used their most powerful beckoning at Liao Ying。
“Knives……”Duan Junjian yelled lowly,Invisible sound knife,Falling like rain,This knife,Intangible,Surprisingly fast again,Unstoppable!This is his strongest blow“Magic sound”;“Iron peak pressure top!”
Jinfeng is jumping up,Palms together,The whole person pressed towards Liao Ying like Blade’s Edge Mountain。
Liao Ying’s eyes flashed,Finally moved slightly,Smile:“Finally interesting!”
Liao Ying waved her left hand in the air,Once again transformed into a giant palm to operate the flying knife and Jinfeng seal in the air,The sound of the flying knife suddenly disappeared without a trace;Jinfeng is even more embarrassed,In a few blinks,Bloodstains were blown out by the wind of the giant palm,The clothes were chopped down to tatters,To the extreme。
But Liao Ying was distracted to deal with Duan Junjian、Jinfeng Duo,Finally gave Chen Xiu a chance。
“Promise Sword Array!”
Chen Xiu suppressed the joy in his heart,The small sword in his hand instantly turned out more than a dozen Promise Sword Circles,Every sword brings out a sharp sword aura。
Continuously displayed Promise Sword Qi,Finally can withstand the big hand,I just feel the blood tumbling all over。
“No way,Have to work harder!”

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