“Si Ye Cang Cang!”

Zhang Ye Tong Chun Lei,Shout,Qingyun Sanshou used out,
She Letian only felt that suddenly,Like in the wild,Around the body,A vast expanse,The world becomes infinite at this moment,And at this moment,It becomes smaller and smaller。
Of course She Letian could not suddenly come to the wild,He knew,This is an artistic conception created in Chen Xiu’s palm。If you are affected by this mood,The consequences will be very serious。
This trick“Si Ye Cang Cang”It was originally a magic trick in Qingyun Sanshou,I have never used it before appearing to fight against Qingyun Patriarch,Just because Qingyun Patriarch is more familiar with Qingyun Sanshou than him,The effect is not great。
Instead, it was used several times by Master Qingyun,I almost made myself trapped in the mood, unable to extricate myself。
Chen Xiu even took advantage of She Letian’s trapped mood,A palm“Boundless sea”Sneak attack behind She Letian。
She Letian is trapped in the four wilds,All around is vast,nobody、No living thing,I just feel like an ant under the sky。
When Chen Xiu’s palm was less than half a meter away from his back, he suddenly realized,Turn around and embrace。
Under the palms,There was another bang。
Chen Xiuqingyun Sanshou is an advanced combat technique,“Boundless sea”Can inspire ten times the power of the voice,She Letian only felt a strong force suddenly coming from the opponent’s palm,It made his wrists sore,Tingling arms!
“Obediently,The half-step master is too abnormal!If Patriarch Qingyun is attacked by me like this,I must also vomit three liters of blood,His hasty palm offset most of my palm strength,And it made my arm numb!Half-step master,It’s too powerful!”Chen Xiu was also surprised。
But he practiced《Easy muscle and bone forging》After the body is made of copper and iron,Much more tyrannical than She Letian,A little bit of exercise,The pain in the fist disappeared immediately,Shouted:“happy,happy!We come again!”
Don’t wait for She Letian to agree or not,Chen Xiu waved his fist and made another move first。
“Boom boom boom boom!”
Chen Xiu and She Letian,More than ten consecutive encounters,She Letian feels that Chen Xiu seems to have infinite power,Every pair,The strength of the back shock will be greater,The last power,Almost twice the power of the first one!If not personally,He must not believe,There is actually a tyrannical exercise method in the world!
More than ten notes,Although Chen Xiu is very uncomfortable,But his Yijin and Bone Forging Skills are quite rewarding。I fought with Qingyun Patriarch before,Don’t dare to use this method of eating the body recklessly,Because Patriarch Qingyun’s body is not in the realm of a half-step master,But his experience、The method is a hundred She Lotte can’t compare,The methods of various spirit attacks are endless,Chen Xiu will be destroyed if he is not paying attention。
And the fight with She Letian is not to worry about many,Punch to the flesh,The important thing is to make the most of your copper skin and iron bones。

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