Low status in the circle of gods and gods,He also hopes to associate with Li Ming’s two disciples。

“do not talk,Moxibustion。”Li Ming’s big disciple–Yep,Nian’an Tianxian, who is now the second disciple, took a sip of the wine,Let the power of wine penetrate into the soul。
“Junior Brother,Master has said that it is easy for him to deal with the Bull Demon King。”Bai Zhilan also persuades。
“I know that Master can deal with the Bull Demon King,But because of me he had to fight the Bull Demon King。In my heart,Uncomfortable!”
“Do not worry!”Said an old man with rosacea,“Lord Palace Lord is not only strong,More clones,No matter how strong the bull devil is?Does he dare to attack our Zhongshan Mansion?He has to dare to come,That is to die。”indeed so,Zhongshan Great World has long been laid down by Li Ming,A devil’s ultimate cow demon,If you come here alone, it’s really looking for death。
“indeed so!”Moxibustion Yuntianshen also agrees with this very much。“Palace Chief Array Method,Even if head-to-head,The Bull Demon may not be able to kill the Palace Lord—Besides, it’s useless to think about it,Unless you can break through the real fairy,Can help the palace owner。”
Nian’an Tianxian looked up at this friend,
On Realm,He is not too smart among the gods,But the second-class Tianxian method bestowed by Master,And the law of clone makes him extremely strong。
Here now,It’s just a clone。
Some of his clones walk through the Three Realms,Conflict with the Yaozu’s Prince Plough Zinc,Almost killed each other。
now,His clone was captured by the strong behind the opponent。
What kind of person is Prince Lizin?
He is the strong bull demon king Pingtian Great Sage, the head of the Seven Great Sages of the Monster Race,And his concubine, the son of a jade-faced fox。

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