“also!Maybe I thought too much just now,This purchase and sale contract should be made by the supplier,We just have to come to the trial”Niu Huiling suddenly changed her words on the phone。Wang Youcai is a little bit confused,Why did Niu Huiling change?It seems that he has to talk to Cuiying。

After hanging up,Wang Youcai can’t calm down,He has to hurry up and handle this matter,If it’s late,May affect the opening of their hospital。
Wang Youcai doesn’t care,Run out of the office,Get into the car,A quick turn,Drove to Pingdu again。He has to settle this matter as soon as possible。
All the way,Just before noon,Others have stood in the small clinic。There are still many patients,But Wang Youcai can’t wait。
He called Doctor Lu outside,Tell him Niu Huiling’s enquiry。I didn’t expect Doctor Lu to be more happy,He said:“Just press my choice to book。Wait till the back,If it doesn’t work,Let’s add”
Dr. Lu said so,Wang Youcai’s heart has a bottom。He immediately called Cuiying。Unexpectedly, Cuiying just returned to the head office。
She received this call from Wang Youcai,I’m so happy。She immediately stated,Will complete the purchase and sale contract and deliver it in person。
Let’s talk about it,Wang Youcai’s heart disease is finally resolved。He smiled and was about to go back to the small clinic,Suddenly the phone in my hand rang again。
He quickly took a look,The call came from the king,This makes Wang Youcai surprised。Logically,During this time, the intersection between their brothers is relatively small,There should be nothing wrong。
Wang Youcai thought this way,Still connected。One call,Wang You’s anxious voice came from inside immediately:“Rich!Where are you!Hurry back to Xiping Village”
“What’s wrong with you?You have to say something clearly!”Wang Youcai said loudly。
Wang Youfa said crying on the phone:“Song Fang’s accident,Come back quickly, let’s discuss it”Wang Youfa said,Hung up。
Wang Youcai stomped his feet with anger,There are so many shit things。But since 1st Brother called him this phone,He has to rush over whatever he says。
Don’t let him think about it,Wang Youcai hurried into the car,Drove quickly towards Xiping Village。Along the way,Wang Youcai was thinking,What can happen to Song Fang??
As soon as the car arrives in Xiping Village,Wang Youcai drove directly to Wang Youfa’s farmhouse。Spring flowers bloom,It’s a great time for people to come out and play。The gate of Wang Youfa Farmhouse,But it hung up a big sign that was closed,This made Wang Youcai watch,Very upset。
Jump out of the car,Ran into the upper room quickly。In the lobby on the first floor,Wang Youfa is sitting on the sofa and smoking a cigarette。Inside the ashtray on the coffee table in front of him,A lot of cigarette butts。
Wang Youcai seems to remember,His big brother doesn’t smoke。Look at him like this,It’s really difficult。
“What’s the matter?What happened to Song Fang??”Wang Youcai said,So he sat next to Wang Youfa。

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