“Ha ha!Maussen,Defeated,Dare to yell with me here,Get out of here right away,Today I will treat this as not happening,Otherwise, who is Wang Youcai?,You should have heard!“Wang Youcai said so,I have seen a chair beside him。

Mao Sen twisted his neck twice,Hehe smiled and said:“Wang Youcai,A little ruffian,Relying on my second brother to be mayor in Pingdu,Black and white。Others are afraid of you,But i’m not afraid“Mao Sen smiled sinisterly。
“is it?Know a lot“When Wang Youcai said this,,Cruel,This guy is not good,He won’t go like this。Thought of here,Wang Youcai fucked the chair beside him。
First0857chapter Duplicity
Master moves,Lightning fast。
Wang Youcai wanted to attack Mao Sen,Hit him by surprise。did not expect,The chair in his hand just raised,Smash it down,Mao Sen are like ghosts,Is in front of his eyes,And a bright dagger has reached his neck。
Wang Youcai was shocked this time,He didn’t see it at all,Where did Mao Sen’s dagger come from?,Who is this guy or a ghost?,Why is it so fast?
Maussen’s hands only need to be slightly harder,Wang Youcai’s neck will be cut off,He would spurt blood and die。Thought of here,Wang Youcai’s brain is blank,Looks like he’s really finished this time。
“Senge!Why are you still doing it??Don’t make this joke“At the dying juncture,Chen Xiaodong pushed away and rushed in,Which Zou Yong is behind him。
Mao Sen snorted,Take back the dagger that hit Wang Youcai’s neck。Wang Youcai was trembling now,Put down the chair in his hand。Chen Xiaodong take a look,Hurriedly smiled:“That’s right,Why don’t you give me a face,Let’s have two glasses。Is there anything else on the wine table that is unclear??“
Mao Sen raised his brows,Tidy up the clothes,Push Zou Yong away from the door,Strode away,Looks very arrogant。He didn’t have what Chen Xiaodong said。
Watching Mao Sen walk away,Wang Youcai said with a grin:“Dog day,If it wasn’t for Laozi’s hand,He crawled on the ground to see Lord Yan“
Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,Wu Wu rushed in with seven or eight horses,He asked loudly:“boss!People?Won’t it be the two of them?!“
Here comes the helper,Wang Youcai is like a falling water dog climbing ashore,It shakes off the water,Came the spirit。Wang Youcai sat in a chair and said:“Ran early!You two steps early,There will be a good show“
Chen Xiaodong smiled and said:“Boss Wang!What’s the matter with you?You won’t do it for Xu Lihong again, are you!“
“Is not,This guy has a holiday with me,He brought a group of people to blackmail me not long ago,I set up an ambush,They didn’t get a penny,So take a grudge。Unexpectedly, Yuanjia Road is narrow,I actually met him here,Almost blooded by him“What Wang Youcai said is true。

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