“What do you want to do?Speak directly!Otherwise I’m going to drive people!”Lu Menglin’s tone turned cold.。

That young man still has to act,The middle-aged eight-character Hu who stood beside him suddenly spoke:“okay!This old man has a strong mind,You can’t fool。”
“As expected of Lu Menglin’s Laozi!If he is practicing martial arts,Really good material。”The middle-aged person admired another sentence。
Lu Menglin didn’t speak,I just looked at the four of them calmly,I wonder who these people are?I slapped them to death now?I’ll ask it later and slap to death again?
The middle-aged man still smiled and said:“Afeng!give it to you!Move faster!”
Chapter Nine Hundred and Fifty Eight I am in charge of my territory
At this moment,Another young man standing behind the middle-aged man,Step forward,Walked in front of Lu Menglin。
This young man, Afeng, is also a seventh-order powerhouse,Handsome,Quite a bit male and female。
He stood up,Lu Menglin felt it very keenly immediately,This Afeng’s blood is not weak,But his spiritual power is stronger。
A Feng smiled and stared at someone on the steps,Said:“The old man is so courageous!but,It’s useless to be bold。You look in my eyes!”
Talk about it,There is a strange light in the eyes of Afeng,Like a camera flash,Twinkle, twinkle。
“Lu Youshan,Your son is dead!You will be sad,Will be sad,Will cry!”
“You want to spread the news,Tell everyone!”
“Someone will propose,Combine Shocking Valley and Earth Alliance,You must firmly agree!remember,Must be firm!”
“You can only do this,To avenge your son!”
“and also,If your son comes back,Must be impersonating!Remember,That’s an enemy impersonating!”

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