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“《Weapon knowledge》Want to interview us straight-10?”Heard this report from the secretary,Wang Dazhi is a little hoodwinked:“You didn’t tell them straight-10Not yet officially installed,The level of confidentiality is still relatively high?”
Given the sensitivity of military equipment,《Weapon knowledge》Want to come to interview,It must also be reviewed and approved by the military.,of course,Consider again《Weapons are just》Has a certain“Strategic flicker”Function?,It’s a bit hard to say。
“Of course I said,”The secretary is a bit wronged:“But they said,They interviewed more equipment that was not officially listed.,such asFBC-1‘Flying Leopard’Fighter bomber,Only now has a regiment experimentally equipped,But they still interviewed?”
Hear this,Wang Dazhi is also a little speechless。
forFBC-1“Flying Leopard”Fighter bomber、That is, JH-7Case,He does understand,Stand today,FBC-1“Flying Leopard”Fighter bombers can be said to be the highest level of technology in the field of military combat aircraft in our country.,But because of engine supply problems,FBC-1“Flying Leopard”Now a regiment is only experimentally equipped,This is a pity。
Thinking a bit far……
Wang Dazhi pondered,Said:“Ask the competent department,See what they mean,If the relevant department says it can be interviewed、Take pictures,Then let them come,When the time comes, let’s do the reception work。”
The secretary nodded hurriedly:“Ok。”

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