Because he believes,As long as I continue to stay religiously the place closest to the gods,Someday,I also have the opportunity to become a god。

Chapter six hundred and thirty seven Divorce
Waited a full two hours in front of the Caolu,Abu is not dissatisfied,In his heart,As long as you can see Lord A Jianglong。
Master A Jianglong has so many important things,Meeting yourself is just the smallest of them,The most trivial thing。
squeak!Caolu gate opened。
“Abu,Waited a long time,You come in!”A soft and clear voice came from the grass cottage。
Abdon was trembling with excitement,He heard that it was Lord A Jianglong’s voice,But I didn’t expect Master A Jianglong to use honorifics,Talk to yourself in such a polite tone,I’m flattered!
Abu strides across the entry barrier,Walked inside the Caolu。
This cottage is the residence of Lord A Jianglong,If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can imagine,A Jianglong, the great descendant who is revered as the god of Burma,Life is so simple。
There are no extra objects in the Caolu,Bringing the profound meaning of severance to the extreme。
same as before,There is only one seat and one chair in front of me,A few futons。
A Jianglong sat cross-legged on the straw mat,Eyes twinkling like stars,Exudes profound and moving wisdom。
It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul,And Master A Jianglong’s eyes seem to encompass the entire universe,His eyes are so distant,Unforgettable at first sight,Even his original appearance is easy to overlook。

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