The content involved is more political、economic、culture、Military and other aspects,Everything from all walks of life,Make the small stamps between square inches into an all-encompassing museum。

“Hu Ge,This stamp is scarce?”Mu Yi couldn’t help asking。
Populus laughed:“Ok!not bad,80Monkey ticket,Unfortunately there is only one,One set should be 80 pieces。
Whole set of words,Once sold for almost two million。You are single,Plus postmark,So it’s only worth tens of thousands。”
Finished,Return the envelope to sunny,Let her keep it。
Stamp collectors are very particular about the appearance of stamps,It is also a key factor in measuring stamps。The appearance of stamps is generally divided into seven levels,Excellent product、Top grade、Top grade、Substandard、Middle grade、Substandard and inferior products。
Populus tells everyone,For the new stamp,The main measure of quality is the integrity of the face,Correct pattern,Bright colors;Complete perforation,No missing corners,The adhesive is intact。
For the old post,Mainly the face is intact,Not revealing,The clear postmark is printed on the corner of the stamp,Such stamps are top grade;Light postmark,Doesn’t damage the face of the face;Postmarked heavy oil,Affect the beauty of the pattern as a low。
“You this one,Clear postmark,Cover only a quarter of the stamp,Top grade。After going back,Use tweezers to peel off the stamp,Pay attention to moisture。
Save it yourself first,Don’t worry about it。If I encounter a stamp collector who just lacks this ticket in the future,He will buy it for a big price。”Hu Yang said to Sunny。
Surprising on sunny days,did not expect,I really got Mu Yi’s luck。
To know,This envelope,But Brother Mu Yi gave it to her。
The big buddies in her live broadcast room are crazy666。
“I’m right?Is to pester Mu Yi,His luck this year is really good。”
I quickly flipped through other envelopes on a sunny day,Actually turned out three more monkey tickets,I can see Populus euphratica.。

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