Qin Feng is also a man at this time,Qin Feng,Actually, I really like Jiang Yan。

The two went through a whole night of lingering,The reality of the existing couple。
First2Early in the morning,After Qin Feng got up, he was as happy as usual,Went to make breakfast。
After Qin Feng finishes breakfast,Just call Jiang Yan。
“Yan Yan,Got up for breakfast。”Qin Feng shouted,While pushing Jiang Yan with her hand。
Jiang Yan,Just woke up。
At this time Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng,The eyes are full of tenderness,Said:“Why did you get up so early。”
“Wake up so early to make breakfast。”Jiang Yan said。
“Yes indeed,Wake up so early to make breakfast,What else do you eat?。”The auto repairer said with a smile。
“Yanyan,I can’t ask for it。”Qin Feng said。
“Then you go out first,Wait for me to get dressed,Let’s have breakfast together after washing。”Jiang Yan said。
Jiang Yan,After getting dressed for a while, I went to the bathroom to wash,Look
When Qin Feng squeezed her toothpaste,There was a warmth in my heart。
Although I haven’t talked to any boyfriend before,,But now I find that there is such a person taking care of,Also feels very good,A feeling of happiness。
Jiang Yan,Thinking of Qin Feng while brushing his teeth,Now think about it carefully,This time to cancel,Take care of myself very well。
Such a man is worthy of a woman’s sincerity。
From then on I will follow Qin Feng,Jiang Yan thought。
Soon Jiang Yan,After washing,Just walked out。
Looks very gentle now。
“Yan Yan,Hurry up and eat,Otherwise it’s cold again。”Qin Feng’s face is full of contented smiles。

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