“Tut tut!look at you,Excited again,You know it yourself,That magic sword is nothing,Even you,I haven’t been able to pull it out of the scabbard.,It can be seen that the knife is waiting for a strong man worthy of it,Your master crafted that knife,Not for you to watch in the underground warehouse,And the person I introduced,Is indeed the best owner of that magic knife,Whether you like it or not,That knife will eventually fall into that person’s hands,But if you hand the knife to this old man,The old man dedicated the magic sword to that person,You can get a lot of money from the old man,And the old man can also extend his life with this knife,Isn’t it the best of both worlds?”Bai Ze seems to know everything,On the side, Zhao Feng’s heart startled the more he listened:Extended life,Can anyone really do it??

“Master Long!If you are willing to transfer the dragon scale sword,from now on,All the expenses needed for the teacher’s life,I let the fox family bear it!And every year one percent of the family’s bonus is used in the name of the old private,Work as an offer to pay the master!”Linghu Gong hurriedly expressed his position,He didn’t doubt what Bai Ze said。
Dragon scales were silent for a long time,Finally looking at Bai Ze,Said:“I can donate the magic knife,But I have to witness with my own eyes that the person you recommended draws the magic knife,If that person can’t get it out,Let it go!”
“can。”Bai Ze is full of confidence。
“Well……Mr. Linghu,For the trance knife,Long still needs to bathe and fast for three days,Noon after three days,Still here,Long Mou presented the magic knife,Farewell!”Long Lin said,Get up and leave。
Linghu Gong personally delivered the dragon scales to the entrance of the restaurant,Then return to VIP Room 3.,To Bai Ze is another thanks,I wanted to give Bai Ze some money,By the latter“Things are not done yet”Reason,Temporarily declined。
Before leaving the teahouse,Linghu Bow forced two VIP cards from the teahouse to Bai Ze、Zhao Feng,And agreed three days later,Witness the birth of the magic sword together。
On the way back to the rental house,Zhao Feng has been silent。
Zhao Feng is now basically certain that Bai Ze has the ability to predict,If the Linghu bow I just met、The dragon scales are all performed by Bai Ze looking for someone to perform,The purpose is to convince Zhao Feng of his prophecy,It’s too much trouble,Not necessary at all。
“Bai Ze really has the ability to predict,Is that,He actually knew my identity as a casual cultivator?If you know that I am a casual cultivator,Why do you want to show your prophecy in front of me?He thinks I am not threatening?Still have other intentions?Don’t understand……What is the purpose of this series of actions by Bai Ze,I really don’t understand。”Zhao Feng feels his head is about to explode,Too many doubts accumulate in my mind,Want to ask but can’t ask。
“How does it feel to follow me this day?Feel boring or interesting?”Bai Ze walks into the elevator,Asked Zhao Feng。
“Don’t know what to say,But it feels like this day is quite long……See too many things beyond common sense……correct,The magic knife you said,What’s special?You call it not a mortal thing,Is it Xian’s baby??”In order to avoid his sudden silence arousing suspicion,Hurriedly asked a question。

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