“Hahaha,Your prince, don’t get excited,I said it’s just possible,Come sit down,calm down,calm down.”Qiao Tianyu is not upset,Accompanied by the smiling face, pull Prince Mahmoud onto the sofa and sit down。

“Haha,Prince,Can you play a game with me Joe,Let me guess what you think,May I?”
“Guess my idea?”Prince Mahmoud cast a contemptuous look at Qiao Tianyu,“Qiao Tianyu, you still have this ability?”
“Haha,How can I know if I haven’t tried?”Qiao Tianyu said with a smile。
“I guess you must be thinking now,I admit that you, Qiao Tianyu, do have a little skill,Able to call the wind and rain in the international financial market,And best at short stocks in the financial market,So that most listed companies are frightened!”
“But Mahmoud is not afraid of you,Our Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Group is now Saudi Arabia**100%Sole proprietorship,Not listed at all。”
“There is no stock for you to short,Your Qiao Tianyu’s ability is not used by Saudi Aramco!Even if you have great talents, you can’t use Saudi Aramco!Haha,Prince,how about it,You said I guessed it right?”
“Oops i go!How did you know?”After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s guess,Prince Mahmoud opened his mouth to the boss in shock,I didn’t expect Qiao Tianyu to guess that was not bad at all。
But when Prince Mahmoud gets over it soon,A look of disdain quickly passed over his face。
“So what?Am I wrong??You Qiao Tianyu can make stocks out of thin air.?”
“Hahaha,Prince,You are right,I really can’t make stocks out of thin air,It is indeed impossible to short the Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Group,But.”Qiao Tianyu paused,Smiled and shook his head。
“But what?You mean?!”Seeing Qiao Tianyu deliberately selling Guanzi,Prince Mahmoud was busy asking questions。
“Prince,To break a company,It’s not the only way to short its stocks,So-called‘All roads lead to Rome’,There are many ways,What do you say?”Qiao Tianyu said seriously。
“Not short stocks?What way is there?”Prince Mahmoud scratched his head in confusion。
“Prince,If i remember correctly,1993year,Last year,Implemented by Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Group‘Vertical integration’strategy,And last year6Merged Saudi Sales and Refining Company(Sama

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