The bosses of several major airlines are a little uneasy in an instant,As the boss of several major Air China,They are naturally sensitive to numbers,I almost instinctively calculated the account:F100The empty weight is24375kg,MD-82The empty weight is35629kg,MD-82The weight is equivalent to1.5AF100,and soF100The purchase price is cheaper、Lower usage and maintenance costs,This is understandable,But FokkerF100Not only lower operating costs and daily maintenance costs,And more comfortable?

what is this?
This is competitiveness!
Chen Geng said with a smile:“such,Mr. Zheng,Tomorrow we will holdF100Actual ride experience,If you are not afraid that our aircraft has not yet obtained the airworthiness permit,You can try it yourself,We also welcome you to take someone to do related tests。”
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Brothers and sisters,Sorry,I feel bad writing during this time,Especially today,So take a day off to sort out,Please forgive me brothers。
First757chapter All old foxes
“What are you doing looking at me like this?”Chen Geng smiled at me:“do not forget,In the future i will tooF100User。”
The leaders and bosses just remembered:Yes,Chen Geng is also an airline shareholder,futureF100After localization,Production capacity must be prioritized to meet their own needs。
Mr. Zheng suddenly remembered something,Hurriedly grabbed Chen Geng’s hand and asked:“Mr. Chen,The one you are going to build in ChinaF100Assembly plant,When do you plan to start construction?What is the planned annual production capacity?When will it start production??”

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