Lu Menglin returned to the village,Gather all the partners of the plane team together。

“We can go now,Go to the nearest human gathering point,Are you all equipped??”Lu Menglin asked in a deep voice。
Gao Dajin and the grassroots gang nodded desperately,They are not only well equipped,And they all finished their disguise,Everyone changed into villagers’ clothes,The weapons are all hidden in the portable space,Changed to weapons of local villagers,Even Huang Shaotian wore a large coarse cloth cloak,Blocked the beautiful face。
A group of people from the outside,Very much like local aboriginal,It looks like a team of villagers,Want to go through no man’s land,The kind of living in a new environment。
As for the remaining local villagers,They are all lying in front of their doors and windows,Eyes wide open,Silently watching this team,The eyes are full of confusion and worry。
After all, the remaining villagers are all old and weak women and children,No self-protection ability,When Lu Menglin and the others left,Whether it is a dark creature,Or night Korean army,Can kill them easily。
but,These are not Lu Menglin’s responsibilities,The only thing he can do,It is to let the big-eyed teenagers take the villagers to relocate to more remote places,Stay away from these dangers。
and,When Lu Menglin’s team left,Left a batch of light-stripe weapons and equipment,Plus the sharp decline in the village population,Enough food,As long as they can survive the first difficult time,Wait until the teenagers can pick up weapons to hunt, The problem is not big。
quickly,Lu Menglin and his group embarked on a journey,Rush to the nearest human gathering point。
After they left,The village is empty,Only the dumb villagers were left looking at each other。
At this moment,The boy with big eyes stood up,Shouted:“Adults have orders,All people gather,Come with me!”
The villagers walked out of the house in twos and threes,Followed behind the big-eyed boy with a dull look。
they know,This is the adults who let the youth lead the team,Take them to a more remote place,Because it’s not safe anymore。

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