and also!Didn’t it mean that Xiang Chen has passed his peak state??So what does this nearly an hour of intense fighting mean??Although Lan Youmeng is confident if she is desperate,I can do it myself,But the problem is that I am a killer peak time now.!

Depressed is like being knocked sap,Lan Youmeng doesn’t know what vocabulary to use to describe her current mood。
As for Dragon Seven beside Lan Youmeng,Is more directly connected to the headquarters。
“Otherwise, you still watch Dragon Er or Dragon One!I feel like I am a mortal practicing martial arts,It’s not polite to monitor the two immortals!”
Dragon Qi is too lazy to hide his breath now,In case of being accidentally affected by a fight by a god,That’s not a joke!
Watching the dizzying fight not far away,Zhu Guosheng and Xiang Chen’s operations that dazzled Long Qi,Long Qi suddenly felt a little swollen in his head,As if it was about to split。
No communication,As spectators, Lan Youmeng and Long Qi are both thinking about substituting,If you replace yourself with the one currently fighting,How long can it last?
Finally, Lan Youmeng didn’t want to let herself fall into the kaleidoscope of Xiang Chen and Zhu Guosheng.,Turned his head and said to Long Qi:“Why don’t we fight a fight?!Watching here,It’s really a headache!”
Lan Youmeng walked towards Long Qi,What Lan Youmeng didn’t expect was,Long Qi actually rejected his own。
“If your hands are itchy,Just pick the tree by yourself!I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you now,Want to fight,I have time to stay with you when they are over!But if you dare to delay my work now,From now on, those who are armed by your God will not even want to enter the territory of China,Not even just borrowing!”
Long Qi looks at Lan Youmeng,It’s like looking at a neurosis,But the momentum of her speech,But she is much taller than her。
Finished talking,I took a look at the unreasonable Lan Youmeng,Long Qi thought that he saw that Xiang Chen and this Lan Youmeng were in the same group.?Why is this Lan Youmeng messing up?!
Lan Youmeng looked at Long Qi suspiciously,Her job is nothing more than to control Xiang Chen,And of course I am going to destroy her job,Is there anything to shirk??
“Third Master Zhu is very strong,Tianshu says Xiang Chen can die,But must die outside of China,At the same time I am entrusted by others,Save Xiang Chen’s life when necessary。”
The more we talk about later,Dragon Qi is more imaginary。
to be frank,Dragon Qi now regrets a little bit why he chose a mission so close to Wanghai,And then assigned by Tianshu,Commissioned。Don’t talk aside,It’s just the fighting state of Zhu Guosheng and Xiang Chen,There is something that mortals like myself can intervene?

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