Although they did not deliberately hide their deeds,But the time to enter God City is still short,And stayed in the inn,Logically,People from Prince Ning’s Mansion have no reason to find here so quickly!

Tu Shanming saw that the two looked wrong,Reacted immediately,Shen Sheng:“Isn’t it your enemy??Hehe!I just drink itchy hands。”
Maid Xiaojuan also feels something is wrong,Her first reaction was to call someone,But then I thought,The princess travels,Those master guards from Fashen City don’t have to think about it.,Go and protect the princess,Now this Hualixiang Inn,Is the weakest place。
“Don’t worry!I will call someone now!You are the guests of your highness,No one can touch you in God City!”The maid Xiaojuan rushed to the second floor decisively,She has equipment in her room,To be able to contact the princess in time。
boom!The door of Hualixiang Inn was kicked open from outside,Two heavy wooden boards fly upside down into the hall,In mid-air, he was directly shaken into powder by the strong power that the opponent had exploded。
A group of armored soldiers rushed in,All of them are like tigers,Fierce,And most importantly, the breath of these soldiers is strong,All of them are above level 36,Obviously the elite of the elite,Even stronger than the original Black Blood Cavalry Guard。
These elite soldiers with an average level of 36 or above rushed into the hall,Quickly surrounded the three people in the hall。
This scene,So scared that the maid Xiaojuan who had just boarded the second floor immediately fell down,Dare not breathe。
Hua Lixiang’s inn shopkeeper was also taken aback,Just wanted to come forward and talk,He was slapped with a backhand on the face by a soldier。
“To shut up!Say one more word,The same crime as the prisoner!”The captain screamed。
Hualixiang’s shopkeeper trembled,Immediately covered his face and retreated behind the counter,Don’t dare to speak anymore。
Because he recognizes the corporal leader who shot,That’s from the Black Dragon Army,He slapped him,In fact, it kindly reminded him not to get involved。
If only this team of black dragon warriors,Although Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming are a little wary,But I haven’t taken it too seriously。
Because the two of them followed Wu Hao,go through fire and water,Already challenged the invincibility of the same level,Not to mention cleaning up these soldiers who are only around level 36。
unfortunately,They didn’t have a chance to breathe,Because three more people came in from outside,The breath of these three people is too strong,So strong that you can’t produce resistance。
The man standing on the left has a black armor,Wearing a dark green cloak,Full of hair like weeds,Incompatible with his new high-end equipment,But formed a very unique temperament。
This man has no weapons,Only an inconspicuous war knife hung from his waist,Scabbard gray and plain,As if it was not wiped clean。
How this person feels,Like a warrior who just returned from the battlefield,Just finished a fierce battle,Then he changed into a new armor and came out。
When Huang Shaotian saw this man at first glance,My face changed slightly,Even the left hand holding the sword is trembling。
Because she recognizes this person,This person is the top ten strongest in Tianzun God City,Black Dragon Army Commander Mo Tinggu,Level 43 Berserker,The murderous black dragon army around,Is his subordinate。

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