Lu Menglin heard the news of Su Xuehen,Even the expression became serious,Repeatedly asked:“and then?”

“Then more and more people knew about her,Good study,Quiet looking,Was named the goddess of temperament。Fortunately we are a girls’ school,No boys,Otherwise, a lot of men will break their heads for her。”Zhou Min laughed。
Can make a beautiful woman speak such a high evaluation,It seems that Su Xuehen indeed has both beauty and wisdom,Character and likable,The kind of girl I have to admire。
“but,I heard that the rich young masters outside have thoughts about her,Every holiday,There are often luxury cars parked in front of the girls’ school,Just to stop her。
As soon as I heard the news,Lu Menglin’s face became serious involuntarily。
Both women are careful,I saw him like this,I knew this kid must have liked people。
It’s a pity that he is just a small screenwriter,Even if it won the boss’s favor,It’s just a senior white-collar role,I want to compete with those rich and powerful women on Hong Kong Island,Still too naive,Not enough to see!
“I only know so much,After all, she is not in the same subject,We are in the adult education class,They are fresh students in unified enrollment,I don’t have much contact。”Zhou Min shook his head and smiled。
“Does she have a boyfriend?”Lu Menglin finally couldn’t help but ask this question。
Zhou Min smiled:“you’re so dumb!We are women’s university,There must be none in the school,As for whether there is,I don’t know。But I seem to remember that she is the vice president of our school’s legendary game club。what,The legend they are all playing,Not just
Is it the one we are going to adapt and make the movie??”
Lu Menglin nodded,Frowned:“Of course it is that。Did she actually play legendary??”
Zhou Min and Zhu Qiuhong can see it,This Xiao Lu obviously cares and then chaos,I have a deep love for this girl。
do not know why,When I learned that Lu Mengxin belonged,Zhu Qiuhong felt a little lost in her heart,As if lost a precious treasure。
Even if it looks so bold,In fact, Zhou Min has a bright heart,When I knew that Lu Meng’s heart belonged,It is inevitable that there are some small regrets。
This is probably the natural attraction between men and women!

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