quickly,A bowl of hot and gasping wanton was placed in front of Wu Xing。

Looking at the wonton on the table,Wu Xing only feels that he has been seduced by a long-lost appetite,I didn’t expect 30,000 years to pass,Finally tasted the food of the past life again。
Pick up the wonton in the bowl,Take a breath,Then put it in your mouth。
“Ok,Not bad。”
Familiar taste,Familiar taste,Wu Xing couldn’t help but praise。
Then stopped talking,Tasted with peace of mind。
“boss,one more bowl,I want shrimp wonton this time。”
It may be because of my appetite,It may also be that Wu Xing hasn’t had a big bowl of wonton in a while,Still feels not enough,Ordered again。
“okay,Little brother, wait,Ready soon。”The boss orders another one after seeing the customer,Suddenly smiled。
You can order another after finishing a bowl,Either you have a big appetite,And the young man in front of you,Obviously it does not belong to the previous one,No wonder it makes the boss so happy。
“boss,Give me a piece of wonton noodles。”
While Wu Xing was waiting,A girl’s voice came in from outside the door。
Follow the voice,I saw one with fair skin,A girl with a bit charming and green face appeared in Wu Xing’s eyes。
The moment I saw this girl,Wu Xing was slightly surprised。
of course,The reason he was surprised was not because of how beautiful the other party was,But he is no stranger,It is Su Xiaoli who is quite popular in Super Seminary。
This is not nonsense,Staying in Tiancheng for thirty thousand years,Watching a group of female angels all day long,Has a high immunity to beautiful women a long time ago。
Say again,In Wu Xing’s heart,No one is better than his own wife,Nickname from entering the chat group‘Vai Kesha’You can see it。
Su Xiaoli at this time is holding his mobile phone selfie stick,When closing the glass door,While talking to the phone。

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