“Haha,Qiao Tianyu,Didn’t you just be awesome?Didn’t you make me unable to get off stage?You can prove it,come,Proof!”

This guy!
Just give him some sunshine to shine!
Facing Li Jiaxing’s provocation,Qiao Tianyu is not angry,Still keep the smile just now。
“Li Jiaxing,Don’t just talk about me,You tell me,Fermat’s Last Theorem,How far have you proven?”
As soon as I heard Qiao Tianyu ask him about the progress of the proof,Li Jiaxing will naturally not let go of this good opportunity to pretend。
He can’t wait to present his latest proof result,Said triumphantly。
“60%Bar!you need to know,I proved this theorem only two years ago,Just proved60%Up,Up to two years,I’m sure I can overcome Fermat’s last theorem!”
“Oh,Two-year progress60%,Really not too slow。”Qiao Tianyu nodded。
Li Jiaxing is worthy of being a leader in the world of mathematics,It’s really not easy to have such results。
“But even at the fastest speed,You have to overcome Fermat’s Last Theorem4Year time,How long will you give me to prove it?”
“I don’t care about it,When will you prove it,When will i go with you,But the premise is that you have to prove it before me,Otherwise wait for my paper to be published,Your proof is meaningless!”Li Jiaxing said triumphantly。
“You said it yourself!”Qiao Tianyu said quickly。
“As long as I can prove Fermat’s last theorem before you,You just follow me,Don’t shame this time?”
“of course!Never shame!”
Li Jiaxing naturally does not believe that Qiao Tianyu can prove this world historical problem,So I slapped my chest。

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