“impossible!Never possible!”After Liu Yiming thought about it for a long time,Still shaking his head and sighing。

“Who knows!Maybe Menglin can do it。I’m not worried about his safety anyway。”Fatty thought for a while,I don’t think I can think through,I don’t even think about such complicated issues.。
Liu Niu’er raised her chest and raised her head,Triumphant in front of these big soldiers,Laozi is the posture of instructor Lu’s cronies,It looks like you were walking。
In a blink of an eye,Mao Yongfei’s body momentum has reached its peak,Has reached the point of not vomiting。
And Lu Menglin who was standing opposite him,Still holding hands,Calm,Did not pose an attacking posture at all。
Mao Yongfei knows he has already gained momentum,Have to send,If you don’t take the initiative to attack,Will rush,Fall again,Three exhausted,It will decline。
“Lord Lu!Then I’m welcome!”The voice has not fallen,Mao Yongfei strode quickly,In just two steps,Has already forced the turbulent momentum of the whole body to the fist。
What he makes is a set of punching tiger boxing,It’s the native style of Myanmar,Has been circulating since ancient times,It is equivalent to the Taizu Changquan of China。
But the more this kind of entry boxing,Experienced thousands of times,Can be called the classic of the classics,Use it with a real master,The explosive power is not the same as the ordinary warrior。
Take Yongfei this punch,Fist like a rising dragon,With a brave and tenacious momentum,Concentrate your whole body power to burst,In one go,When the chest hit Lu Menglin。
Mao Yongfei in his boyhood,Gifted,Used this set of boxing,Kill a Bengal tiger with three punches,Almost as a myth in the locals。
Later, after taking Yongfei’s martial arts success,Against the enemy,Usually only half the trick,Is enough to defeat the enemy,Very few people can make him play three moves,So before he joined the army,Another nickname,Called three punch super ghost,It means that even ghosts and gods can’t stand his three punches。
After middle age,His martial arts practice is more proficient,Mellow,And there is the secret medicine power blessing,Ten times more powerful than in the prime of life,Although rarely shot,But the prestige of this Myanmar’s first punch is unmoving。
Until joining the Royal Guard,Become a leader,Mao Yongfei entered the temple from the rivers and lakes,Nourish and nourish your fist spirit with national power,Strength to the next level,The trend is over。
If it weren’t for Ah Jianglong’s spells, it’s really unpredictable,In addition, I don’t know how many dignitaries in Myanmar have suffered his head-down technique.,Move the whole body,That’s why Mao Yongfei has been reluctant to challenge A Jianglong,Until today I met Lu Menglin。
If the other party is a brilliant surgeon,Mao Yongfei is still a little afraid,The body of the same warrior,He didn’t think that the martial arts of the young venerable in front of him could win him。
It’s just that Lu Menglin jumped into the air just now,It’s really incredible,Shocked him,Invincible thoughts in my heart,This is weakening。
but,Mao Yongfei didn’t believe it,I practiced the magic fist for a lifetime,In addition, under the limit state of the power of the secret medicine to destroy the human body’s potential,I can’t even stop the opponent’s punch!
Talking late,Then soon!Take the tiger fist,He hit Lu Menglin’s chest with a fierce punch。

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