Pause,Then introduce the man next to Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong,Eyes full of tenderness:“This is my husband,Ding Zhentian。”

Tian Lu quickly shouted courteously:“Hello Uncle Ding!”
Thought,The one standing in front of me is worth tens of billions,Ding Zhentian, the best man。
If not to visit Mrs. Ding,,I’m afraid it’s not easy to see the live version of Ding Zhentian。
Ding Zhentian looked at Tian Lu for a while、I’ll see Chen Limu,A new look,Suspiciously looking around,Complex expressions。
Tian Lu suddenly felt the situation was wrong,It must be unpleasant between the two,I didn’t even bother to open the door before someone knocked on it。
Tian Lu realized that it was wrong,Said with a smile of self-knowledge:“Aunt Mu,I learned that you are much better,We are very happy,See you another day。”
Haven’t waited for Chen Limu to respond,Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong walked to the door,About to open the door,Chen Limudao:“and many more。”
Tian Lu stopped,Turned around and looked at Chen Limu,Yelled suspiciously:“Aunt Mu?”
Chen Limu said:“You two are waiting outside,I have something to say with my husband。You guys come in later,I have a lot to tell you,Alright?”Begging。
Tian Lu feels soft,Nodded,Then and Ye Xingkong went to the stool outside the rest area to sit down。
In the ward。Ding Zhentian looked confused,Even a little angry:“Limu,Not seen in a few days,How did you discover that you hit a target with a trail reporter,And that guy,And my colan are almost alone,what is the problem?”
Chen Limu saw that there was a bit of blame in his tone,Feel upset。She deliberately avoided“Target with a small reporter”Speech,Otherwise,The two will have unnecessary quarrels again。

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