Lu Menglin looked at Wei Xiaoxing, who was only missing a halazi,Look at the two charming women next to me,Couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly:“Forget it,Although this kid is a real hooligan,But I didn’t hide it,Just be happy!”

“Ok!Ok !”Wei Xiaoxing listened,Nodded quickly,Ancient Cloud,Beautiful and delicious!Just let him stay here,Just looking at these two beautiful big sisters,Enough。
“The upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked!The apprentice taught by the rogue teacher,Of course it’s a hooligan。”Su Xuehen smiled gently。
“Ok,I think so。Someone was even more rascal than him before!”Kim So Yeon also smiled sweetly,Blinked and said。
Lu Menglin laughed,Arms out,Put the two women in his arms at the same time,The three huddled together gently,The spring scenery in the garden seems to have been taken away by the three。
“Haha!It’s all here!Come and see,The big fish i just caught!”Lu Youshan’s heroic voice came from the entrance of the courtyard。
Lu Youshan dressed as a fisherman,Wearing a quilt,Bamboo hat hanging on the back,Carrying a bamboo basket in his hand,Inside faintly heard the end of the big fish jumping。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Six Secret
Since I came to settle down in Jingshen Valley,Father Lu lived a life like a fairy。
Fishing every day,Play chess,Drink some wine when you are happy,Lots of free time,No longer have to steal a floating life,But incarnate as Xianyun Yehe,Wandering between the landscape paintings all day long,Reluctant。
No longer have to worry about the troubles in the factory,The old man is like a teenager,I’ll take Liu Niu’er to play chess and drink alcohol。
Lao Lu drank too much last time,Let his wife bring him a basin of water to wash his face,As a result, Mother Lu brought a basin of hot water over,When he turned around and got him a towel,I came back and found that the old man had already drunk most of the wash water,It’s really dumbfounding。
Dad here is in front of the mountain before entering the yard,I’m happily fishing out,Mother Lu also brought in Xiao Long Bao。
Strange,Xiao Long Bao saw so many people,Grinned immediately,Staggering towards the table,Stretch out two small hands like white lotus root,Hug。
Lu Menglin hasn’t seen Xiao Long Bao for a long time,Leaned down quickly,Reach out and hug her。

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