Liu Wenzhang was taken aback first,Then hurriedly shouted:“Hey!Wuhao,What are you doing?Are you crazy?”

Lu Menglin ignored Liu Wenzhang’s call behind him,But walked directly in front of Wang Ce。
He goes up,Everyone around was shocked,Everyone stared at this young man intently。
“Who is he?Is it our black blood guard??”
“Noodles!Haven’t seen it!But he wears our armor,Which camp?”
“I seem to have seen this person,Can’t remember,who is he?”
For a time,The black blood riding guards all around frowned,Began to guess the identity of Lu Menglin。
And the group from Prince Ning’s Mansion,Especially that Wang Ce,But with a playful look at the young man who came up。
They only know that this person is one of the Black Blood Cavalry Guards,But I have never seen this person’s appearance,I want to come is just a little-known little person。
Like this little person who lives and lives,I have to jump out and die,It’s nothing more than to add some flavor to this boring challenge。
Wang Ce and his party,I would love to see something like this,Otherwise, how could they appear to be the power of the Ning Palace??
The person’s energy is not strong,Definitely not a level 40 strong,Again,It is impossible to be a young master with a name and a surname,This kind of jumping clown ran out,Simply the best person to adjust the atmosphere。
“who are you?But Ye Fangzheng asked you to admit defeat?”Wang Ce smiled casually。
He said so,All around was silent,Everyone is waiting for the answer from the strange face。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Turning his head and pointing at Liu Wenzhang behind him,Smiled:“My name is Wu Hao,Served as Chief of the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Ye Fangzheng didn’t call me,All Liu Wenzhang called me!”

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