“Just be upset!”

Looking at Xiangyang’s back,Zheng Ziling smirked。
“That fool,After laughing, go home with sister, OK??”
A red Porsche sports car parked beside Zheng Ziling,The female driver in the car has long flowing hair,The body is also enchanting,Even if that strong woman’s aura makes people retreat,But still people can’t help but want to appreciate more。
She is Zheng Weiwei,A woman who makes all Wanghai’s family heirs jealous。
“Sister, you’re back?”
Zheng Ziling is still very upset to be disturbed,But after seeing that the person is my sister,Zheng Ziling’s unhappy heart,Vanished in an instant。
“After dealing with European affairs, I heard that Xiao Ke and my brother grabbed his wife,Why don’t I rush back to talk to him!After all, our iron tree is about to bloom,His kid wants to destroy,I, Zheng Weiwei, don’t agree!Just the one?”
Motioned Zheng Ziling to get in the car with his eyes,How dare the latter be disobedient,Sitting obediently in my sister’s car,Zheng Ziling now is neither the school’s Young Master Ling,Nor is it the vice president of the Zheng Group,He is the good baby in front of Zheng Weiwei。
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty To the boss
When Xiangyang came to Lingyun Studio,,It happened that Ling Yun and his partner were working overtime,I always feel like I am missing something,Xiangyang suddenly discovered when he was about to push the door,Talking to Zheng Ziling along the way,I forgot to buy lunch for Lingyun and the others!
Secretly relieved,Fortunately, Lingyun and the others were not disturbed,Quietly backed out,Xiangyang, the food city downstairs, is already familiar,So it’s not difficult to purchase on a large scale……
In a small room called Yunyang Studio,Ling Yun and his partner have fallen into a crazy working state……
“Ling brother,We have modified enough of this job,If you continue,I really vomited!”
The man leaning back in the chair is called Meng Bo,Ling Yun’s partner in the studio,Typical technical talent。
Meng Bo leaned back in his chair,My belly has been groaning for a long time,Looking at Ling Yun who is still examining his work,Only then did Meng Bo know,The fact that the technical director killed the creative director is real news。
A student of finance,I even gave myself this special effects inspection homework,I feel a little ridiculous。

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