After three days of fermentation,The entire Tianzun God City knew about the existence of Master Wuhao,A dragon god,Has the magical ability to improve equipment attributes,Such a master has a strong attraction to all the big family,Not to mention the rich resources of Bairimen behind him,And the protection of the Guangming Dragon Temple。

After learning the news,King Ning had a temper for three days in the mansion,I don’t know how many precious collections are smashed,Even his favorite concubine shot two,It can be seen how angry King Ning is!
in fact,Master Wuhao just showed his magical ability to the rich,And three pieces of Chiyue High Agility Equipment for the Sixth Prince,Besides,And no more works come out,But the entire Tianzun God City is still a sensation for him,Those rich and powerful people are like crazy,Delivered the sacrifices and the best Chiyue equipment to his hands。
It seems that this follow-up behavior has become a popular trend,If anyone doesn’t send something to meet Master Wuhao,Go to order magic equipment,Who has fallen behind,Not among the mainstream giants。
After all, an intermediate sacrifice,Any real giant,Get it all,And the best Chiyue equipment,Have accumulated a lot in the hands of those big families,Just take it out for consumption。
Because even on the basis of the best Chiyue equipment,Increase the attributes a little bit,Value is completely different。
In fact,Before Master Wu Hao appeared,Among the giants of the three great cities,There has long been a trend of luxury comparison,The comparison between these giants is whose equipment is better!
Not the best,Only better!And a piece of great Chiyue equipment,Can often be auctioned at unexpectedly high prices,It has already seriously exceeded the value of the weapon itself。
And the emergence of Wuhao Master and Magic Technique,Let this trend of comparison with the best equipment,Stepped into an unprecedented expectation。
That’s why these rich and powerful people are particularly confident,Willing to treat precious offerings as deposit,Trade to Master Wuhao,Many of them used a mid-level sacrificial offering with a top-quality Chiyue equipment,I hope Master Wu Hao can turn this superb Chiyue equipment into a superb Chiyue equipment。
And these giants generally believe that,The prospects of this business are extremely impressive,And it’s also cost-effective。
When they get the magical Chiyue equipment,Just show up in front of the giants of the other two gods,It’s worth investing in,After all, they don’t have Master Wuhao!
There are only a few top powerhouses,They placed a deposit at Master Wuhao,I hope Master Wu Hao can improve their equipment attributes,And then meet the need to increase combat power。
These talents are truly strong among the gods,By contrast,Master Wu Hao’s attitude towards them,Still on the price,Are slightly preferential。
And this way,Master Wu Hao has more than just wealth,Is background and prestige,Also won the friendship of several top powerhouses。
No one thought,In this spring and March,Spring season,Wu Hao will be after the seed contest,With a posture almost turned out,Have a firm foothold in the city of God。
Some even made bold predictions,With the success of Magic Technology and Master Wuhao,A brand new giant is on the rise。

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