Ordinary cases,Hit someone,Abolished people,They are experienced in handling such things,Such people don’t know how much they have protected,Everything is fine。

It’s like a prisoner who has already been sentenced to death,Raise some unprovable doubts to the case,Let the court sentence indefinitely,As long as people don’t die,From indefinite,And then go to see a doctor,People just come out。
“Ding Kun has acknowledged what happened yesterday afternoon,That is the murder of military industry leaders,From military to ordinary cases,I’m afraid this is difficult。”Sun Yongli asks questions,Mainly let Zheng Bin continue。
“Chairman Sun,This is what our boss said,Let everyone cooperate。”
He took out a stack of documents from his briefcase and distributed them to everyone present:“werCity entrepreneurs unite,Put pressure on city tribes,I prepared a joint statement,Everyone take a look,If there are no comments,Just sign everyone。”
“As long as this document arrivesrWhere the city leader,Ding Kun’s affairs will definitely ease,Boss Song’s company is even more important。”
Everyone suspiciously took over the documents distributed by Zheng Bin,After reading the above content clearly,Are nodding their heads。
What the file says is,Local entrepreneur Song Litao was framed by competitors,Life safety is threatened,So I found my good friend Ding Kun,Let Ding Kun negotiate with the other party,But was framed as murder,The other side is malicious。
Want to takerHealth care market,So they asked for Ding Kun to be released,Protect Song Litao’s Enterprise。
If the city tribe cannot guarantee Song Litao’s personal safety,And normal business operations,These entrepreneurs arerThe city cannot see the future,Would consider withdrawing inrCity investment。
Those words above are naturally just excuses,No one will be fooled like this,Everyone understands everything,But the withdrawal mentioned laterrCity investment,The top leader must pay attention。
If so many companies withdrawrcity,rNot to mention the city’s economy back to before the reform and opening up,It’s okay to go back to the 1990s。
Finish reading with the file in hand,Sun Yongli smiled:“This old Wu,Not seen for a while,I have grown up again,This kind of operation can be imagined。”
“it is good!We sign now,After signing, send it to the tribe,I want to see,What else can Qin Feng do?!”Everyone expressed obedience。
But at this moment,Song Litao’s phone rang untimely。
He took out his phone and took a look,Frowned slightly。
It was the call from the confidant employee,Yesterday it was this employee who was dealing with the refund of the old man’s health care products。
This confidant employee hasn’t had any good news in these two days,I reported my work to Song Litao last night,According to the method of dragging words,Refunded money from more than ten people,More than 300,000 in total。
Song Litao finally told his confidant employees to take precautions,Say if grandpa and grandma continue to come today,Still do,Then wait for him to notify,He is trying to solve this problem from the source。

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